Ahead of Call of Duty Warzone 2’s launch in less than two weeks time, leaks have already started to surface online.

Some fans will be pleased to know that Loadout Drops are returning in Warzone 2.0, according to recent leaks.

Along with these leaks, we have also got our first look at the menus, the intro cutscene, and the winning screen in Warzone 2!

Loadout Drops to Return in Warzone 2

Leaked images have seemingly confirmed that Loadout Drops will return in Warzone 2.

It was widely assumed that Loadout Drops would not be part of Warzone 2. However, these new leaks have shown they will be returning to the battle royale game after all.

It was previously reported that there would be a brand new system to receive custom weapons in Warzone 2. This system involves upgrading base weapons with attachments from “The Shop” rather than selecting a class from a Loadout Drop.

It is likely Infinity Ward has re-added Loadout Drops due to backlash within the community and now Loadout Drops will work alongside this new system.

How Will Loadout Drops Work in Warzone 2

Leaks suggest the option to buy a Loadout Drop has been removed in Warzone 2, making them only available as free world drops.

In the original Warzone, Loadout Drops would drop around the map after specific time periods, or players could purchase one for $10,000.

The Loadout Drops in Warzone 2 will work in a similar fashion to the original Warzone, with players able to create a class with the following:

  • Primary Weapon – Five Attachments
  • Secondary Weapon – Five Attachments
  • Lethal Equipment
  • Tactical Equipment
  • 4 Perks – Two Base, One Bonus & One Ultimate

In MW2’s Multiplayer, the Bonus and UItimate Perk do not activate until four and eight minutes into a match. It is unclear if these perks will have timers in Warzone 2.


With Warzone 2 just around the corner, you should try to level up as many weapons as possible! Here are the best weapons to level before Warzone 2.

Leaked Warzone 2 Al Mazrah Intro Cinematic

The intro cinematic for Al Mazrah features a soldier preparing to jump out of the back of an airplane.

There are a couple of visual changes from the original Verdansk intro, including sparks coming out from the back of the plane. The walk to the jumping-off point also differs from the original intro.

However, the style of the intro is otherwise identical.

Before you hop onto the battlefield of Al Mazrah, you should learn all the details about Warzone 2’s new map!

Leaked Warzone 2 Win Cutscene

The cutscene for when you win a game in Warzone 2 has also been leaked.

The cutscene showcases soldiers boarding an extraction plane. This is slightly different from the original Warzone winning screen, where players grappled up onto a helicopter.

A scrolling credits list of every player who spawned into the game has also been removed.

This cutscene could also be from the new DMZ mode rather than Warzone 2. The missions list for this mode has also leaked, so make sure you know what to expect in DMZ!

Leaked Warzone 2 Menus

A bug on Xbox consoles has been forcing players into the Warzone 2 menus. The menus appear to be similar to Modern Warfare 2’s except for a couple of notable changes.

One of the biggest changes was each weapon had a price tag on them. This is likely how much weapons will cost when you buy from “The Shop”.

Another noticeable change was that operators were not split up into their factions like in MW2 Multiplayer.

With Warzone 2’s release, we will also be getting new football player operators in MW2! These operators will be released to celebrate the World Cup.

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