A new leak has revealed some DMZ missions ahead of the launch of the Warzone 2.0 game mode, entailing what we could be doing in this new mode.

Call of Duty fans have been getting new information on upcoming games recently, including Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2.0, and a new mode called DMZ.

While some leaks have given us an idea of DMZ, or Demilitarized Zone, it’s still shrouded in mystery. However, now that a bunch of missions have been datamined, players are piecing together this upcoming mode.

Missions Leak for Call of Duty DMZ Mode in Warzone 2.0

Thanks to Twitter user CODSploitzImgz, a whole code of DMZ missions have been leaked ahead of launch, giving players a good idea of what they will be doing in this mode.

We’re going to list all of these missions below, including their mission briefs. Since the code is messy, we’ll be using the placeholder of *amount* to signify a number that would usually be there.

All DMZ Missions Leaked

  • Extract *amount* of enemy grunt weapons
  • Capture *amount* of SAM sites
  • Extract *amount* cash in one match
  • Extract a Hail Storm
  • Kill a boss and extract their weapon case
  • Extract with a full backpack
  • Empty *amount* of vehicles of gas
  • Extract with *amount* of different lethals or tacticals
  • Kill *amount* of grunts in hydro using a shotgun
  • Travel to Hydro *amount* of times
  • Kill *amount* of riot shield grunts
  • Kill *amount* of special forces
  • Extract *amount* of liquor bottles
  • Kill *amount* of grunts at long range
  • Kill *amount* of grunts in the oilfield using a sniper rifle
  • Travel to Oilfield *amount* of times
  • Kill *amount* of operators with an assault rifle
  • Kill *amount* of operators
  • Kill *amount* of operators in Quarry
  • Kill *amount* of operators with an SMG
  • Kill *amount* of grunts with headshots using a pistol
  • Travel to *amount* of different Points of Interest (POIs) in one match
  • Wipe *amount* of squads
  • Extract *amount* of operator dog tags
  • Complete *amount* of elimination contracts
  • Complete *amount* of hunt contracts
  • Hack *amount* of UAV towers
  • Enter *amount* of different vehicle types in one match
  • Destroy *amount* of vehicles

Within the missions are a mix of objectives, with some making note of ‘grunts’ and ‘operators’, which we believe to be AI and enemy players, respectively. There is a variety of other mission types too, including using different vehicles in a single match.

Modern Warfare 2's DMZ Mode Leaked by NFL Players

Interestingly, the leak confirms the use of Warzone 2.0’s new map, Al Mazrah, for DMZ with the inclusion of some POIs such as Quarry.

The new DMZ mode also features many elements of the extraction shooter genre, such as killing bosses to extract weapon cases or extracting with a full backpack.

While we encourage you not to fully trust leaks, the fact it was datamined from MW2 Beta files means there’s certainly some truth to it. You can check through the Pastebin of DMZ missions yourself for the full code.

For more information, check out the full reveal of DMZ and its release date here.

According to other leaks, however, Infinity Ward is already changing Loadout Drops AI, and more in Warzone 2.0 before it launches.