With Warzone 2.0 right around the corner, you’ll want to prepare by leveling up these MW2 guns!

Every Call of Duty game is about guns, but having the right weapon builds is even more integral in Warzone.

And while players may have their favorite Warzone loadouts now, these won’t transfer over to Warzone 2. Therefore, you’ll need to plan about which guns you want to use.

Luckily, we’ve made a handy list of which weapons you should level up ahead of the Warzone 2 release date so you can have meta loadouts on day 1!

MW2 Multiplayer Squad

Top 10 Modern Warfare 2 Guns to Level Up For Warzone 2.0

The 10 best MW2 guns to level up so you are prepared for Warzone 2 are:

  1. 556 Icarus
  2. M4
  3. SP-R 208
  4. MCPR-300
  5. TAQ-56
  6. Vaznev-9K
  7. Minibak
  8. Kastov 762
  9. Lachmann Sub
  10. HCR 56

While these weapons may get adjusted in the Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 patch, as it stands, we believe they will all be powerful weapons for when Warzone 2.0 launches.

Read on to find out why we have selected these weapons, their strengths, and what playstyles they suit.

But first, make sure you know the fastest way to level up weapons in Modern Warfare 2!

556 Icarus

Despite being an LMG, the 556 Icarus has pretty good mobility and speed as well as great accuracy, range, and damage. If you can stand a slow reload speed, this weapon will be very effective for long-range firefights in Al Mazrah.

Here is the best 556 Icarus loadout in MW2 so you can level it up as fast as possible.

556 Icarus MW2


The M4 is a classic Call of Duty weapon and has always been around the meta in the original Warzone. It can be built for long-range or as a sniper support weapon, so it is also a very versatile assault rifle that will always be reliable, if not the best gun in the game.

If you want to level up the M4 as fast as possible, be sure to use this meta M4 loadout for MW2 multiplayer.

M4 MW2

SP-R 208

The SP-R 208 is a marksman rifle that is quick to handle, accurate, and does a load of damage too. The only thing stopping it from being higher up the list is that we don’t know whether it will be able to kill with one headshot at all ranges yet.

Use this MW2 SP-R 208 loadout to destroy enemies at close range!

SP-R 208 MW2


As the new Al Mazrah map in Warzone 2 is vast, many players will want to have a long-range sniper rifle on hand. In our opinion, they don’t come any better than the MCPR-300 which boasts massive damage, huge range, and pinpoint accuracy at great distances.

MCPR-300 MW2


The TAQ-56 is a solid all-around assault rifle that has recoil that is very easy to control. For this reason, we expect it to be one of the go-to weapons in Warzone 2.0.

If you use the best TAQ-56 loadout in MW2, you should level this weapon up in no time.

TAQ-56 MW2 Loadout


If you want an SMG with some added range, the Vaznev-9K is a great option for you. It can be built as a pure SMG and could also work as a sniper support weapon if you’re a more aggressive player.

Here’s the best Vaznev-9K loadout in MW2 so you can level it up quickly.



The Minibak just edges out the Vaznev and will almost certainly be a great option for Warzone. Its 64-round magazine frees up an attachment slot and it has very impressive mobility, handling, and recoil control.

Unfortunately, many players have been having issues unlocking this weapon. Here’s how to fix the Minibak unlock glitch in MW2.

Minibak MW2

Kastov 762

We think the Kastov 762 will be the meta assault rifle at the start of Warzone 2, so this is one you should definitely level up. High damage and recoil with little horizontal wobble, the Kastov will be the go-to weapon for players who like a hard-hitting AR.

This meta Kastov 762 loadout will help you level up the gun as fast as possible.

Kastov 762 MW2

Lachmann Sub

You’ll definitely want to level up the Lachmann Sub before Warzone 2 comes out. It has the perfect mix of high damage and fast mobility. All you need is to unlock some recoil-reducing attachments and you’ll be dominating close-range gunfights in Warzone 2.

Before you level up the Lachmann Sub, you’ll have to unlock it first. Here’s how to unlock the Lachmann Sub in MW2 multiplayer.

Lachmann Sub MW2

HCR 56

This may be a surprise, but we think the HCR 56 will be the best gun in Warzone 2 at launch. Despite it being an LMG, it has decent mobility and reload speed, and it is laser-accurate at longer range.

What’s more, it has solid damage, a fast fire rate, and a default 60-round mag, meaning you don’t have to waste an attachment on increasing your magazine capacity!

Unfortunately, unlocking this powerful LMG isn’t easy, but we’ve got the answer. Here’s how to unlock the HCR 56 in MW2!

HCR 56 MW2

In addition to our top 10, we have a few honorable mentions. The RAAL MG, Lachmann 556, FSS Hurricane, and VEL 46 are also decent options to level up, even if they didn’t quite make the cut!

Now you know which MW2 guns to level up before Warzone 2, you’ll want to do it as fast as possible. Luckily, a glitch lets you level up any MW2 weapon almost instantly!

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