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The latest Nintendo news and leaks from our exclusive inside sources for our passionate Nintendo followers. Daily Nintendo Switch news covering the latest releases and upcoming games.

Our dedicated Pokemon news category covering all recent releases and the upcoming Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu title due for release in late 2018.

This is one of the most passionate and well covered topics in gaming and with our sources are providing community leading intel. Don’t forget to check back daily and follow us on Twitter as we’re keeping news coverage 24/7.

Pokemon Go Shiny Alakazam Leak Special Raid Event Boss

Shiny Alakazam Special Raid Event coming to Pokemon Go LEAKED

We have received exclusive information regarding Shiny Alakazam coming to Pokemon Go as a Raid Boss. This particular leaker has been correct on many...
Pokemon Go Banned

Lots of accounts suspended in Pokemon Go Ban Wave March 2019

Gaming INTEL has received reports that Niantic are targeting 'spoofers' on the Pokemon Go app. Spoofing on Pokemon Go allows players to artificially change...
Pokemon Go Equinox Event Leak

Pokemon Go Equinox Event for March 2019 LEAKED

UPDATE - March 15th 10 PM UK: This leak has now been proven correct with an official announcement via Niantic. This now marks the...
Splatoon 2 Patch Notes Update 4.5.0 Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 2 Update 4.5.0 Patch Notes – Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced a new patch for Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch. Alongside it, they also provided a host of additional details, including the...
Pokemon Go Defensive Form Deoxys

Deoxys Defense Form Ex Raid Boss coming to Pokemon Go (LEAK)

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information regarding a new form of Deoxys coming to Pokemon Go. The leaked information states Deoxys Defense Form will be...
Persona 5 Nintendo Switch Leak

Persona 5 Nintendo Switch Announcement Coming This Month – LEAK

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information which suggests Persona 5 is coming to Nintendo Switch, with an announcement this month. Ever since the Joker was introduced...
Miiverse Nintendo Switch Leak

Miiverse Was Originally Planned for Nintendo Switch, According to Leak

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information which suggests Miiverse was originally planned for Nintendo Switch. The leaked information comes from a source who wishes...
Shiny Rayquaza Pokemon Go

Shiny Rayquaza coming to Pokémon Go – LEAK

In addition to the announcement of an all-new mainstream Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch earlier on, it appears Pokémon Go Trainers are in for...
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveal Trailer, Release Date and more

Pokemon's Eighth Generation Has Arrived, and with it comes a whole host of cuddly UK based critters. Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch The brand new...
Nintendo Switch Xbox Games

RUMOR: Xbox games could be coming to Nintendo Switch

According to recent rumors, Xbox games could be making their way to the Nintendo Switch console. It's exciting to see that we'll be able to...
Nintendo Direct for Switch Indie Games Confirmed

Nintendo Direct for Switch Indie Games Confirmed

Earlier this month, Gaming INTEL received exclusive information that suggested a Nintendo Direct would be coming in January 2019. Whilst this information was received...
Nintendo Direct January 2019 Leak

LEAK: Next Nintendo Direct Coming in January 2019

UPDATE - January 22nd, 2019: This leak has now been proven right with the announcement of a new Nintendo Direct for Indie Games, which...
Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games 2019

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games 2019 and Beyond

2018 draws to a close, but it certainly has been a year to remember! Whether it was a new IP or a beloved franchise...
Nintendo Switch Revision Leak

LEAK: New Nintendo Switch Revision Coming in 2019 With Increased Internal Storage

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information from a source whom wishes to remain anonymous. The information we've received suggests that a new Nintendo Switch...
Most Wanted Characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Switch

Most Wanted Characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Switch

Currently, within the newly released Super Smash Bros Ultimate, there is a range of playable characters, old and new. In total there are around...

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