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What is Gaming INTEL?

        • We are a passionate team of gaming journalists providing cutting edge INTEL into some of the worlds most popular games. Our presence is growing fast and we aim to become a world leading news source in the Gaming world.

Why are we doing it?

        • We have a passion for gaming and it has been what we love since childhood. Providing likeminded fans with exclusive intel on their favorite games is very rewarding.

Which games do you cover?

        • We also have a dedicated team scouring exclusive sources for leaks and rumors on Nintendo Switch topics, including up and coming not yet released games.
        • Our coverage does not stop there, we will also be branching out further as our team increases and cover many popular app games such as Pokemon Go and Harry Potter.

Can you join the team?

        • If you have what it takes to add genuine quality to our team, then absolutely yes. You must be experienced in article writing and have a passion for the subjects you want to write in. Dedication is key. If you want to write for us you can apply.

How can I contact Gaming INTEL?

        • Absolutely. You can either follow us on Twitter @GamingINTELCom and message us for a DM, or email support [at]