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Warzone 2.0 New Map ‘Al Mazrah’ Size, POIs & Gameplay

The New Warzone 2.0 Map, Al Mazrah, has been revealed with details on every POI.

After having to endure through Caldera, most Call of Duty fans were excited to finally get a new map in Warzone 2.

Well, the wait is finally over, and we have our first look at “Al Mazrah”, the battle royale arena for Warzone 2.0.

Warzone 2.0 Map ‘Al Mazrah’ Image

The Warzone 2.0 map Al Mazrah has been officially revealed.

We’re only a little while away from the release date of Warzone 2, and we’ve finally got our first look at the new map.

Close-up View

Al Mazrah Warzone 2.0 Map Close-Up

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Warzone 2.0 ‘Al Mazrah’ Map Size Comparison

The new Warzone 2 Battle Royale map has been described as the ‘biggest Battle Royale map they’ve ever made’.

Al Mazrah vs Caldera

Al Mazrah is significantly bigger than Caldera.

The red outline shows Caldera sat on top of the Al Mazrah map.

Al Mazrah vs Verdansk

Al Mazrah is also significantly larger than Verdansk.

Al Mazrah vs Verdansk Map Size Comparison Warzone 2

POIs in the Al Mazrah Warzone 2.0 Map

The Warzone 2 map ‘Al Mazrah’ features the following 18 POIs:

  • Ahkdar Village (Based on Showdown – COD4 2007)
  • Airport (Based on Terminal – MW2 2009)
  • Al Mazrah City (Includes Highrise – MW2 2009)
  • Al Sharim Pass
  • Caves
  • Cemetery
  • Fortress
  • Hydroelectric
  • Marshlands
  • Oasis
  • Observatory (Based on Dome – MW3 2009)
  • Port
  • Quarry (Based on Quarry – MW2 2009)
  • Rohan Oil
  • Sa’id City
  • Sarrif Bay
  • Sawah Village
  • Taraq Village

As you can see, several locations are based on previous maps from many years ago in the Call of Duty franchise.

Ahkdar Village

A town of two sides – the East of Ahkdar Village is full of modern apartments, while the West consists of a world heritage site and markets.

Abkdar Village


This POI takes us back to the Terminal map which first appeared in the original Modern Warfare 2 (2009).

Airport Image Warzone 2 POI
Airport Second Image Warzone 2 POI

Al Mazrah City

The largest POI in the Al Mazrah map, this abandoned city full of high-rise buildings used to be home to almost a million people before they were pushed out.

Al Mazrah City Image from Warzone 2 Map
Al Mazrah City Roads Image from Warzone 2 Map

Al Sharim Pass

A monastery and mausoleum on a hill overlooking a more modern village and a zoo below.

Warzone 2.0 Al Sharim Pass


Caves may have a simple name, but this POI is anything but straightforward. It features an extensive network of underground hideouts for players to explore.

Caves Warzone 2.0


A huge graveyard that has seen better days. A fallen water tower has flooded many of the graves and the wall around the edge is crumbling down.

Cemetery POI in Warzone 2.0


A medieval walled city that was turned into a museum. Fortress is once again a strategic spot to defend now that Al Mazrah has turned into a warzone.

Fortress Square Warzone 2 Map POI
Fortress Indoors Warzone 2 Map POI


Al Mazrah’s hub for renewable energy, thanks to the large river that flows through the region. This POI features everything from historical landmarks to modern industrial buildings.

Hydroelectric Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah


What was once the site of a luxury resort and a town is now completely flooded and abandoned. You’ll have to be prepared to get wet if you head to Marshlands!

Marshlands 1 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah
Marshlands 2 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah


A location of calm within Al Mazrah. Ancient ruins, palm trees, and ponds make this the most tranquil place in the map.

Oasis Warzone 2.0


A large observatory that is full of plenty of domed structures and located atop the tallest mountain in Al Mazrah.

Observatory Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah


A busy shipping port on the West coast of Al Mazrah that is full of warehouses. It’s also where the Rohan Oil pipeline ends.

Port Warzone 2.0


The classic MW2 map Quarry has returned as part of Al Mazrah. It’s a large industrial area full of hundreds of large limestone blocks.

Quarry 1 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah
Quarry 2 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah

Rohan Oil

A sprawling oil refinery in the North of Al-Mazrah. The factory is so huge that there are even living quarters on the North and South sides of it!

Rohan Oil 1 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah
Rohan Oil 2 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah

Sa’id City

Al Mazrah’s second city is home to a modern mall, old apartments, a medieval-themed carnival and even a minor league football stadium.

Sa'id City 1 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah
Sa'id City 2 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah

Sarrif Bay

A bay full of Al Mazrah’s fisheries. It is also home to a vibrant downtown, a modern resort, and some islands.

Sarrif Bay 1 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah
Sarrif Bay 2 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah

Sawah Village

A once-bustling village that has now been flooded due to rising sea levels. However, the first thing you’ll notice in Sawah Village is the huge freight ship that has crashed into it!

Sawah Village 1 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah
Sawah Village 2 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah

Taraq Village

Finally, the war has reduced Taraq Village to a pile of rubble. Expect to get into some intense close-quarters firefights amongst the destroyed buildings.

Taraq Village 1 Warzone 2 POI in Al Mazrah

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Warzone 2.0 Al Mazrah Gameplay

The first Al Mazrah gameplay was captured by content creators following the Call of Duty NEXT event on September 15.


Westie’s video aove shows a full game of Warzone 2.0 on the new Al Mazrah map. Just remember that this is an Alpha build of the game so it is a bit rough in places – it should all be polished by the Warzone 2.0 release date though!

However, you’ll need to get used to this brand-new type of battle royale when this map finally goes live. After all, it seems that Warzone 2 is making major changes to the Warzone formula!

And it seems that one of Warzone’s most requested features will also be dropping with Warzone 2. We can’t wait to see what Al Mazrah has to offer.

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