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Gaming Intel is an independent video gaming and Esports news website founded in 2016. We are a growing team with a wide range of inside sources including data miners, allowing us to publish exclusive leaks and rumours about unannounced video game details.

We have a passion at Gaming Intel to provide the most accurate information with the deepest insight into the video games industry. Our team of writers are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cover breaking news and game updates for our audience of over 1 million monthly visitors in website and social media interaction.

Everyone at the team has a passion in gaming, all of us playing various games and consoles from a very early age. We understand from our own experiences why people are so passionate about gaming and we do our best to interpret that in our choice of content. There are no limits to the content and games which we will cover. Our team will gradually expand to keep up with the news our fans desire.

Editorial Guidelines & Publishing Principles

At Gaming Intel, providing high quality and engaging content is our top priority. 

Our writers are experienced in providing original, accurate, engaging content. Ethics is important to us and as a team, we strive to keep our content free of conflicts. 

If you have any concerns about any of the content on our platform, please reach out to us at  [email protected].

The Editorial Team

Stephen Cotton


Over 9 years of experience in managing web development and building social media networks. Big passion for gaming.

Matt Gaming Intel Profile

Matt Cotton


In addition to writing about video games, Matt also enjoys playing them. Matthew has a lot of experience in the video games industry.
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max jeffery

Maxwell Jeffery

Lead Writer

Max is an experienced writer and lover of all things video games, situated in Manchester, United Kingdom. From the first moment he held his GameBoy, equipped with Pokemon Silver, he knew that he had to make gaming his career. Since then, he's written hundreds of articles for a number of sites, including Ginx eSports, The Gamer, and Game Rant. When not writing, he dreams of one day making his own game.
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Sam Smith Author Image

Sam Smith


Sam has a range of experience writing for magazines and websites. Wishes he could still do an all-nighter playing GoldenEye. Sam has a degree in Journalism from the University of Central Lancashire.
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David Cotton

FIFA Editor

David has been a passionate video gamer since his early childhood and owned most gaming consoles since the SEGA Mega Drive and Nintendo’s SNES. He has more than nine years of experience writing about video games and is a FIFA Ultimate Team expert and ‘FUT Founder’. As well as providing insight on all the latest FIFA Ultimate Team news, David has a history of creating unique and in-depth guides on FUT coin making strategies and trading tips. He founded and created UltimateTeamUK back in 2011 and has previously worked as ‘Head of FIFA’ at the popular esports company Dexerto.
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Max Sakai Profile Pic

Max Sakai


Max is based in Vancouver, Washington. Armed with a BS in Game Design, he is very passionate about all things gaming. His work was previously seen at Level Push.
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Jason Profile Pic

Jason Hoisington


Jason is a Content Creator on YouTube and Twitch who enjoys playing Call of Duty Zombies. He has a background in the entertainment industry.
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