There’s a new region-specific evolution to Girafarig coming to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Farigiraf!

One of the best things about a new Pokemon release is getting to see all the new creatures that we’ll be encountering on our adventure.

And sometimes, Nintendo likes to give older Pokemon a resurgence in the spotlight, with exclusive forms, transformations, and even evolutions.

Recently, we had a terrifying new Diglett form in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – but it’s not actually related to Diglett at all. Don’t miss the horrifying reveal of Wiglett in the Paldea region!

And now, it’s Girafarig’s turn to get some much-needed attention.

New Girafarig Evolution - Farigiraf

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Farigiraf Is a New Girafarig Evolution Exclusive to Paldea

Gen 2’s Girafarig is finally getting a new form in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, turning into Farigiraf when evolving in the Paldea region.

Farigiraf is a Normal/Psychic-type Pokemon, that resembles Girafarig, with one key difference. The Pokemon’s tail seems to have fused with its head, a move that increases its psychic energy.

The Pokemon’s helmet-like head provides a strong defensive boost to its main body. Farigiraf can even close its mouth to protect the face within, before whipping its long neck around with power that can pulverize stone or crush steel beams.

Farigiraf in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

According to the official Scarlet & Violet website, this transformation causes both of Farigiraf’s brains to connect, leading to a huge boost to its intellect. It can detect danger in an instant, but sometimes its body can’t react as fast as its two brains can think.

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What Is Farigiraf’s Ability?

Farigiraf actually has two brand-new abilities, never seen before in the Pokemon franchise: Cud Chew, and Armor Tail.

Cud Chew

When a Pokemon with this ability eats a Berry, it will eat it once more at the end of the next turn. This could give it a huge boost in competitive play, with a significant HP recovery or nice protection from status conditions.

Farigiraf Cud Chew Ability

Armor Tail

When an opposing Pokemon uses a move with priority, such as Sucker Punch, that move will fail against a Pokemon with the Armor Tail ability. While this seems very specific, it could be very useful against specific enemies that take advantage of priority attacks to catch you off-guard.

Farigiraf Armor Tail Ability

Farigiraf Stats

  • Category: Long Neck Pokemon
  • Type: Normal/Psychic
  • Height: 10’6″
  • Weight: 352.7 lbs

The rest of Farigiraf’s stats are yet to be revealed, but we’ll update this article as soon as they officially debut!

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