Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leaks have been plentiful this week; here’s a list of the 72 Gen 9 Pokemon currently revealed.

We can’t remember a Pokemon game that has ever been as heavily leaked as Scarlet & Violet. Over the last few weeks, prominent leakers have been teasing a huge amount of new features and new Pokemon arriving in Gen 9.

Most recently, we got a basic understanding of what this generation’s gimmick mechanic will be. While Sun/Moon had Z-Moves, Sword/Shield had Gigantimax, it looks like Scarlet & Violet have a strange crystal power-up mechanic!

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Starter Pokemon

Full List of Every Pokemon Coming to Scarlet & Violet Pokedex

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet currently has 72 confirmed and leaked Pokemon that we know about. Here are all the ‘mons confirmed by The Pokemon Company itself.

As for the others in the list, they’ve been leaked by the recently deactivated leaker Kaka, with some corroborated by RiddlerKhu. As of right now, we can’t confirm just how reliable the list is, however Kaka’s leaks have come alongside several assets that do appear to be from the upcoming titles.

For now, take the following list with a hefty pinch of salt. And while we don’t have names for all the new Pokemon yet, here are the 72 leaks we’ve heard about so far.

Confused about some of the familiar-sounding names? They’re there because Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will reportedly feature both Ancient and Future Paradox Pokemon!

2Sprigatito 2 (numbers refer to evolutions)Grass
3Sprigatito 3Grass/Dark
5Fuecoco 2Fire
6Fuecoco 3Fire/Ghost
8Quaxly 2Water
9Quaxly 3Water/Fighting
11Pawmi 2Electric
12Pawmi 3Electric/Fighting
14Smolive 2Grass
15Smolive 3Grass
17Lechonk 2
21Dog AGhost
22Dog A 2Ghost
23Dog B
24Dog B 2
25Dog C
26Dog C 2
32Unknown PokemonGrass/Fire
33Japanese Bug/SamuraiBug
34Pink Hammer Fairy
35Pink Hammer 2
37Icicle 2Ice
39Salt 2
41Engine 2
43Beetle 2Bug
45Primeape Evolution
46Girafarig EvolutionPsychic
47Murkrow Evolution
48Dunsparce EvolutionNormal
49Bisharp Evolution
50Wooper EvolutionPoison
51Jigglypuff (Ancient)
52Amoongus (Ancient)
53Misdreavus (Ancient)
54Volcarona (Ancient)
55Gen 2 Pokemon (Ancient)
56Salamence (Ancient or Future)
57Pseudo Legendary (Ancient)
58Volcarona (Future)
59Delibird (Future)
60Gallade / Gardevoir (Future)
61Gen 5 Bug (Future)
62Gen 2 Pokemon (Future)
63Hariyama (Future)
64Diglett (Convergent)Water
65Dugtrio (Convergent)Water
66Gen 1 Water-Type (Convergent)
67Mythical A
68Mythical B
69Mythical C
70Mythical D

Thanks to Rooty9 over on the PokeLeaks subreddit for putting together a compilation of all 72 Scarlet & Violet Pokemon that have leaked so far.

And it seems there are many more new creatures on the way! According to even more leaks, we already know Scarlet & Violet’s total Pokemon count & news of DLC to come.

Again though, until Scarlet & Violet’s release date finally arrives, we can’t be certain that any of this is true, even if the leaks seem to be substantiated by other insiders.

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