A brand-new 14-minute-long Pokemon trailer has dropped revealing trainer customization options and Pokemon Picnics!

We’ve slowly been getting more and more info on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet over the past few months, and it all seems to be pointing toward an intriguing Pokemon experience.

Fortunately, the latest trailer – which comes in at a whopping 14 minutes – not only revealed brand-new Pokemon to add to the ever-growing confirmed Gen 9 Pokemon list but also entirely new features.

Is There Trainer Customization in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

There are extensive trainer customization in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet including options to customize hair, eyes, and even eyelashes.

This latest trailer showcased Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s extensive character customization. There really does appear to be a lot of options when customizing your face, hair, and more.

trainer customization options in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

If you’ve felt like the previous Pokemon games have lacked any real customization, then you’re in for a shock. Just the eyelash options alone in Scarlet & Violet are enough to put the Mii maker to shame.

We also got a sneak peek at various different school uniform types that can be worn. This includes blazers, vests, and the classic shirt and shorts.

Pokemon Picnics in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Explained

Pokemon Picnics is a mechanic in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet that lets you clean, feed, and even play with your Pokemon out in the wild.

Another exciting new mechanic that was revealed was the ability to have quality time with your Pokemon. These picnics would be a perfect way to unwind with the brand-new Girafarig evolution!

You’ll be able to give your Pokemon a good scrub, toss the ball around and make them delicious meals. You can picnic practically anywhere alone or with friends online!

There is a pretty extensive cooking mechanic shown off in the trailer that lets you make your dream sandwich Subway-style.

You can choose the fillings, condiments and even the pick to top it all off before dropping your ingredients in. It’ll take skill to pack your sandwich, as each ingredient needs to be placed individually.

making a sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Eating sandwiches while exploring can give you incredible bonuses. You’ll heal your Pokemon and can gain additional experience points and even make certain types of Pokemon easier to catch.

Finally, Pokemon eggs can be found randomly in your picnic basket if you’re lucky. Let’s just hope you don’t get one for the nightmarish new Pokemon coming to Scarlet & Violet.

If customizing your trainer and eating sandwiches with Pokemon is enough to convince you to pick up Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, then why not pre-order the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Nintendo Switch OLED?

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