Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has had a number of new Gen 9 Pokemon announced already – here’s all of the ones we know about.

For the players that love to see new Pokemon when they start their adventure – and not yet another Bidoof – the recently announced Gen 9 Pokemon are sure to brighten your day. While there are still many left to be revealed, the ones we’ve so far have been incredibly exciting.

With not long left until Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s release date, it’s understandable to start thinking about your team composition. From adorable starters to battle-hardened warriors, these Gen 9 Pokemon are shaping up to be something special.

Every New Pokemon Revealed for Scarlet & Violet


Sprigatito sitting on a dirt path next to a bed of yellow flowers and a wooden fence

Type: Grass

Sprigatito is one of the Gen 9 starter Pokemon. Modeled after a kitten – the gatito in its name means little cat in Spanish – Sprigatito can use its plant-like fur to photosynthesize.

It can also boost its attack thanks to its ability Overgrow and make opponents falter thanks to a therapeutic aroma it emits.


Fuecoco stood in front of a white building in a plaza with its mouth open looking at a red apple

Type: Fire

Resembling a spicy pepper crossed with an adorable crocodile, Fuecoco is a Fire Croc Pokemon with a penchant for food.

Its ability Blaze – not unlike Overgrow – boosts its attack, while the big yellow scales on its front and back absorb heat before turning it into fire energy.

Also, that little tuft of hair on its head is actually excess flames leaking out of it. The more you know!


Quaxly stood with its arms outstretched swishing its hair and its eyes closed in front of a vibrant garden and the edge of a two storey building

Type: Water

The last of the Gen 9 starter Pokemon is Quaxly, a duck that’s all about self-care and hygiene. Its slick quiff is slathered in cream, and its body is protected from all grime thanks to a natural gel.

Like the other starters, its ability Torrent improves its attack. It also has incredibly strong legs, which are great for both swimming and kicking your opponents while they’re down.


Greavard with its tongue hanging out

Type: Ghost

Greavard is a cute Ghost-dog Pokemon that loves to bury itself underground. It has a candle on the top of its head that it uses to lure trainers to its location so it can jump out and bark at them.

It’s an exceptionally friendly Pokemon that loves to play with others and its constantly overjoyed. However, it’s best not to hang about it too much, as it absorbs people’s life forces the more it lingers.

Gimmighoul (Chest Form)

Gimmighoul from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet hiding in a chest

Type: Ghost

Gimmighoul is a Coin Chest Pokemon that loves to hide in chests. However, while it offers them safety and a strong defense, they move incredibly slowly and are, therefore, a nightmare to travel with.

When it spots a human, it will jump out at them, using its ghostly powers to control and manipulate them. Encountering one of these will certainly catch you off guard, so be wary of all chests.

Gimmighoul’s Roaming Form​

Gimmighoul's roaming form in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Type: Ghost

When it’s not hiding in chests, Gimmighoul can be spotted roaming around with a singular coin on its back. However, they’re devilishly fast, and not a single trainer has ever caught one.

While you may be hard-pressed to catch a Gimmighoul in Paldea, they’re also known to be found in Pokemon GO.

If you’re hoping to add it to your team, then you’ll need to learn how to catch Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO first.


Bellibolt from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet expanding his body

Bellibolt is an electric-type EleFrog Pokémon and is the partner Pokemon of one of the eight Gym Leaders, Iono.

Bellibolt’s enormous belly can generate massive amounts of electricity by expanding, which is then shot out of the two bumps on its head that look a lot like eyes.

Outside of fighting, Bellibolt is an extremely hungry Pokemon, and apparently, you can hear the gurgles of their stomachs in the middle of the night.

They also have an entirely new ability called Electromorphosis. This boosts the power of the next Electric-type move it uses whenever it gets hit.


Farigiraf from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet using a physic move

Type: Normal/Psychic

Farigiraf is a region-specific evolution to Girafarig that combines the head and tail of Girafarig into one spooky form. This also means its brains are connected which greatly increases its psychic power!

It has two entirely new abilities. The first is called Cud Chew which means that when it eats a berry, it will eat it once more in the next turn, essentially doubling its effects.

The second new ability is called Armor Tail. This ability makes enemy Pokémon completely unable to use any priority moves.


Fidough looking upwards with concerned eyes on a dimly lit road

Type: Fairy

Fidough is basically a loaf of bread. Its ability to spew yeast from its mouth has made it a much sought-after Pokemon in the culinary world.

However, for those looking to use it in battle, never fear. Its soft, doughy exterior actually allows it to double in size – like it has been left to prove for three hours – making it seem far more intimidating.

Its ability, Own Tempo, also prevents it from becoming confused.


Lechonk looking down at a dirt path with its large snout in front of a jagged clifface and distant trees

Type: Normal

Lechonk is a stocky Hog Pokemon that, despite appearances – and its name – isn’t actually fat. Apparently, its large appearance is due to all the muscle it has accumulated while looking for tasty treats.

Its love of berries and Gluttony ability allow it to consume berries earlier, and its herb-like aroma gives it the ability Aroma Veil as well.


Pawmi standing excitedly with its paws raised to its cheeks in front of tall grass and a distant tree

Type: Electric

Pawmi looks like Pikachu with a quiff. It is a very small Mouse Pokemon with sacs of electricity in its cheeks that it loves to rub.

It’s not as weird as it sounds, as it helps it generate a powerful electric touch that will shock its opponents. It can come with one of two abilities, Static which has the chance to paralyze attackers or Natural Cure which heals any status effect when it is switched out.


Smoliv looking into the distance with beady round eyes on a dirt path in front of a large bushy tree

Type: Grass/Normal

Like Lechonk and Pawmi, Smoliv is one of the Pokemon used by your rival, Nemona. As its name would suggest, it is an Olive Pokemon that unsurprisingly resembles a small olive.

It can produce a bitter oil – unfortunately not to be used with bread – that can slow Pokemon down allowing it to flee. Smoliv also loves to sunbathe, which matches well with its ability to photosynthesize.

However, don’t expect it to fall asleep in the sun, as its ability Early Bird makes it easier for it to awake from sleep.

Paldean Wooper

Paldean Wooper stood with its mouth excitedly wide open in a murky bog with tall reeds and blue water surrounding it

Type: Poison/Ground

The Paldean Wooper is one of the first regional variants announced. Unlike the Wooper you may be familiar with, the Paldean variant has developed a poisonous film across their bodies after being forced to relocate to bogs.

Their affinity for poison also extends to their defensive techniques, as they’ll spit poison from their gills to prevent other Pokemon from moving in on their territory. They come with the ability Poison Point, which poisons attackers, or Water Absorb, which heals them whenever it’s attacked by a Water-type move.


Grafaiai stood intimidatingly in a forest at dusk with its arms outstretched

Type: Poison/Normal

Grafaiai is a Toxic Monkey Pokemon that prefers to go at it alone. Modeled after the Aye-Aye lemur, this moody monkey can spit out different colored poisons and use them to paint symbols.

Essentially, it is Pokemon’s resident graffiti artist. Its poison is especially deadly against Bug Pokemon and can immobilize enemies for an extremely long time.

Thanks to the fact it uses its fingers as a paintbrush and poison as its paint, it has the ability Poison Point which can inflict Poison on anyone it attacks. Alternatively, it may also have the ability Unburden, which makes it twice as fast if it loses a held item.


Klawf wandering about a desert with a large black tower in the distance surrounded by rust colored rocks

Type: Rock

Klawf is an Ambush Pokemon, meaning players can expect it to jump down at them while they’re roaming the wilds.

Perhaps the scariest aspect of Klawf is its ability to rotate its eyeballs by 360 degrees. There’s no escaping its gaze!

It can also grab you with one of its giant claws and bash you with the other until you break. To make matters worse, if it loses a claw, it can just grow it back a little later on.

Its thick armor grants it the ability Shell Armour, which protects it from critical hits. It also has a brand-new ability never before seen in a Pokemon game called Anger Shell which increases its Attack, Sp. Atk, and Speed – at the expense of its Defense and Sp. Def – when its health drops below 50%.

Players should expect to see a Titan Klawf in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Path of Legends!


Two Cyclizars stationary beneath a bike shelter with a human on top of each of them and a row of green trees behind them

Type: Dragon/Normal

Now, whether or not you agree that Pokemon should be driven around like motorbikes, it’s hard to deny that Cyclizar looks great. Apparently, this Mount Pokemon doesn’t even mind being ridden – in fact, it may even love it – as it helps to keep it warm.

When being used as a mode of transport, Cyclizar can reach over 70 mph all while keeping its rider safe and sound. Don’t worry though, its strong tail is just as good for knocking enemies down in battle as it is for keeping itself steady while running.

It also comes with a brand-new move called Shed Tail. This allows it to substitute part of its own health to create a perfect copy of itself, before switching out with a party member.

Cyclizar also comes with the ability Shed Skin, which has a chance of healing any non-volatile status effects at the end of a turn. Essentially, it’s a self-repairing bike!


Cetitan stood in snow with a snowy incline behind it with its mouth open and arms stretched out in an intimidating pose

Type: Ice

Cetitan’s immense size and weight are not only referenced in its name, but also in its impressive design. Their bulbous body is packed full of muscle, allowing them to launch themselves at enemies and deliver deadly blows.

They can also make the temperature around them ice cold thanks to the sharp horn on their upper jaw. It’s fair to say this Terra Whale is not one to mess with.

Its abilities also reflect its enormous stature and skills in the snow. Thick Fat reduces incoming Ice and Fire attacks by 50% and Slush Rush doubles their speed during a hailstorm.

Wiglett (Convergent Diglett)

Paldea Diglett Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Type: Water (Leaked)

A new Pokemon World Ecological Society showcase revealed the existence of a Pokemon similar to Diglett, native to Paldea. Not much is known about this new creature just yet, but researchers determined that it is not a Paldean Diglett.

Instead, leaks suggest that Wiglett is our first ‘convergent’ Pokemon, a Pokemon that is very similar but evolved differently to Diglett. One thing’s for sure though – the new Diglett is a living nightmare in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.


Ceruledge looking to the right standing with its sword arms resting on either side in a vast field of grass with mountains in the distance

Type: Fire/Ghost

Ceruledge is a Pokemon exclusive to the Violet version. Its ethereal and ghostly design reflects this with purple hues being woven into its flame swords and armor.

It is with these swords that Ceruledge will be dealing all of its damage. With moves like Bitter Blade – an attack that turns lingering regrets into a deadly strike –, this Fire Blades Pokemon is sure to wreak havoc on your enemies.

Its eternal flames keep it warm, with even its ability, Flash Fire working when it is frozen. You’ll get a 50% boost to Fire attacks with this ability too, making it a truly fearsome Pokemon.


Armarouge standing in a scorched desert with an orange sky in the distance looking intimidatingly to the right

Type: Fire/Psychic

Armarouge is the counterpart to Ceruledge and is exclusive to the Scarlet version. Whereas Ceruledge has a design centered around swords, Armarouge instead focuses on sturdy armor to see it through tough battles.

Apparently, Aramrouge’s armor is imbued with psychic energy, the remnants of its previous owner. It uses this energy to unleash deadly psychic attacks and control the flames within its body.

This brave Pokemon that will never back down from a challenge comes with its own special move. Armor Canon sees Armarouge using its pauldrons as canons – lowering its Defense and Sp. Defense – to fire a powerful blast at enemies.

Like Ceruledge, Aramrouge also has the Flash Fire ability, granting it the same effects.


Miraidon with its wheels outstretched riding through a light blue sea with a human riding on its back

Type: Currently Unknown

There isn’t much known about Miraidon at this current time. It’s the Violet exclusive legendary and has a more futuristic vibe compared to its counterpart, Koraidon.

While most of the details surrounding this legendary are “shrouded in mystery” according to The Pokemon Company, we do know some things.

It has multiple modes which can be altered for different types of transport. These include Normal Form, Drive Mode (this turns it into a motorbike), Aquatic Mode (this turns it into a motorbike that can swim), and Glide Mode (it adds wings to the Pokemon turning it into a paraglider).

Also, its name roughly translates to Future Lord, with Mirai in Japanese meaning future and Don in Spanish being an honorific for Mr. So, pretty in keeping with the overall themes of Pokemon Violet!


Koraidon running down a dirt path road with grass nearby and a human riding on its back

Type: Currently Unknown

Like Miraidon, information about the Legendary Koraidon is scarce. We do know that it is exclusive to Scarlet and its design reflects the game’s themes of the past and history.

It too also has multiple modes which are slight variations on Miraidon’s. These include Normal Form, Sprinting Build (this sees it stretch out its legs to run faster), Swimming Build (this sees it use its inflatable throat and long legs to swim), and Gliding Build (this sees it turn the tendrils on its head into wings, allowing it to glide).

Its name roughly translates to Ancient Lord, with Korai meaning ancient in Japanese and of course, Don being an honorific in Spanish.

So, that’s everything that we know. Of course, there have been over 72 Gen 9 Pokemon that have been leaked for the game, although these remain unconfirmed as of now.

If you’re still wondering what the differences are between Scarlet & Violet, we’ve got a full breakdown for you!

However, until we get more teasers and trailers like the one that revealed Team Star and Mela, we’ll just have to wait to see what’s in store.

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