There’s a new Pokemon resembling Diglett (but with a long, flexible body), that has Scarlet & Violet fans losing their minds.

A new Pokemon game is always full of exciting new reveals, and Gen 9 is proving itself to be no exception. However, it’s clear to say that not all surprises are revealed the same way.

Want an example? Look no further than a brand new Pokemon reveal, which is said to be closely related to Diglett.

White Diglett Pokemon Gen 9

Wiglett Has a Long Body & It’s Horrifying

A new Diglett-like Pokemon that’s native to the Paldea region finally emerges from its hole in the ground, and it’s horrifying.

In a new Pokemon World Ecological Society showcase, The Pokemon Company showed off the new region and its inhabitants. And after some peaceful footage of Paldea’s Pokemon wandering around their environments, one new reveal shocked the world.

It seems a new white-bodied Diglett is also native to Paldea. But being different in color isn’t the only thing unique about the new Pokemon, which can also extend right out of its hole, thanks to a flexible (and terrifying) body.

We’ve always been interested in seeing what a Diglett looks like underground, but now we’re ready to stop asking questions.

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Paldea Diglett Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

What Is Wiglett – New Paldean Diglett?

Although it seems to be a Paldean form of the Gen 1 favorite, that’s not actually the case. According to reports, this new Pokemon isn’t quite Diglett, with the researchers concluding that it is a new Pokemon altogether named Wiglett!

This certainly implies that leaks of new ‘convergent’ Pokemon were true! The reports indicated that Diglett would have a new Water-type form that evolved differently from its Ground counterpart, complete with a new typing and Pokedex entry!

And according to this leak of 72 Pokemon coming to Scarlet & Violet, not only will there be a convergent Dugtrio, but another Gen 1 water-type will also be getting a new variant!

The full new Pokemon showcase can be found here, though only in Japanese, by clicking the button at the bottom of the page and assigning yourself a username. Alternatively, you can see a reupload of the footage above.

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