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Elden Ring: All Night’s Cavalry Boss Locations & Loot

The Lands Between are home to a variety of creatures, some friendly but most hostile. Here’s where you can find Elden Ring’s Night’s Cavalry boss enemies and the reward for slaying each!

Roaming the dimly lit plains of the Lands Between, the Night’s Cavalry patrol in search of any Tarnished who may cross their path.

Their appearance is, like other Elden Ring enemies, greatly inspired by The Lord of the Rings. These dark horsemen bare a striking resemblance to the Nazgul from Peter Jackson’s film series.

As their name suggests, these bosses only come out in the dead of night. However, due to the glow of the Great Erdtree, it can sometimes be hard to tell when they’ll be around. Use one of the many Sites of Grace to wait until the sun goes down.

Here’s where you can find all Night’s Cavalry riders and what you can loot from them once you have them beat!

Consider combining this guide with our story progress walkthrough if you’re looking to take the recommended path from Fallen Tarnished to Elden Lord!

elden ring horse

Where to Find Elden Ring’s Night’s Cavalry

In total, there are 10 Night’s Cavalry bosses to battle, at 9 locations. Of course, that means that one of these fights will leave you outnumbered.

You can’t always use Spirit Summons, but you can cooperate, so bring a friend to even the odds.

  • Limgrave – On the bridge across the river exiting Lake Agheel to the north.
    • 2,400 Runes
    • Ash of War: Repeating Thrust
  • Weeping Peninsula – Roaming near the Castle Morne Rampart.
    • 3,400 Runes
    • Ash of War: Barricade Shield
    • Nightrider Flail
  • South Liurnia – Near the destroyed Gate Town Bridge on the eastern side.
    • 5,600 Runes
    • Ash of War: Ice Spear
  • North Liurnia – South of Bellum Church, near to Raya Lucaria Bridge.
    • 5,600 Runes
    • Ash of War: Giant Hunt
    • Nightrider Glaive
Elden Ring Caelid
  • Caelid – In the southern part of the region, patrolling the Caelid Highway.
    • 8,500 Runes
    • Ash of War: Poison Moth Hunt
  • Dragonbarrow – On the bridge near to Lenne’s Rise.
    • 42,000 Runes
    • Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step
  • Altus Plateau – South of the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace.
    • 10,000 Runes
    • Ash of War: Shared Order
  • Forbidden Lands – Walking the route to the Lift of Rold.
    • 36,000 Runes
    • Ash of War: Phantom Slash
  • Consecrated Snowfield (DUO) – South-west of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace, guarding a Hearse.
    • 84,000 Runes
    • Night’s Cavalry Set
    • Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone

Check out the map below for a visual display of each location.

It is possible to skip through to the Consecrated Snowfield if you’re going for a speedrun playthrough. Here’s how you can do it without the Haligtree Medallions!

Elden Ring Night's Cavalry Map
Map Genie, FromSoftware

That’s where you can find each and every Night Rider around the Lands Between. They’re formidable foes, so take care. Good hunting, Tarnished.

If you’re looking for more secret bosses, here’s where you can find every Death Rite Bird soaring through the Elden Ring skies.

Or, check out our guide to track down every Evergaol in the game and take on each boss held inside!

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