FromSoftware’s first attempt at a true open-world Soulslike game contains a staggering number of bosses. Here are the locations of ten elite enemies, each trapped inside one of the magical Evergaol prisons in Elden Ring.

As you journey across the Lands Between, you will run into countless gruesome enemies baying for your blood.

These vary from the mundane (looking at you, Wandering Nobles) to the frighteningly magnificent, like the many dragons that call each region home.

But sometimes, you don’t know what kind of foe you’ll be facing until you’re confronted by it on their turf. That’s the case with each of the ten Evergaols dotted around Elden Ring’s map.

That’s where we come in. Here’s where you can find all ten prisons, with a brief run-down of every boss locked up inside them. Be warned… some of them are tough but very rewarding.

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Every Evergaol in Elden Ring

The Evergaols on this list will be categorized by their location in-game, starting with the areas that most players will likely visit first.

Look out for Abnormal Stone Clusters, rocky glowworms that stand on their ends. They are visible from some distance and will almost always surround an Evergaol!


  • Forlorn Hound Evergaol – This Evergaol is located south of Limgrave Lake, just before the Bridge of Sacrifice leading to the Weeping Peninsula.
  • Stormhill Evergaol – Head up Stormhill towards your first Legacy Dungeon, Stormveil Castle, and head left onto the open grassy area. This Evergaol is situated here.
    • Crucible Knight – Another brutal introduction to the world of Elden Ring, Crucible Knight must have caused several players to quit before they really got started. Insane attack range and hit damage. He rewards you with a powerful Incantation and a genuine sense of satisfaction. Here’s our guide to besting him in combat.
Limgrave Evergaols Elden Ring

Weeping Peninsula

  • Weeping Evergaol (Requires x1 Stonesword Key)- Head into the western section of the Weeping Peninsula. This Evergaol is just north of the gigantic Walking Mausoleum, and west of the Fourth Church of Marika.
    • Ancient Hero of Zamor – Far easier than the previous combatants, this boss utilizes Frostbite damage. However, he’s slow and easy to counter. Watch out for his area of effect attacks and take advantage of his weaknesses: Fire, Lightning & Magic. He drops Radagon’s Scarseal, one of many powerful attribute-altering talismans.
Weeping Peninsula Evergaol

Liurnia of the Lakes

  • Malefactor’s Evergaol – Hug the cliffside on the western side of the lake as you head down the north-western route. Once you find a Spiritspring, jump to the top of the cliff and ride back. The Evergaol is close to where you entered the region.
  • Cuckoo’s Evergaol – Continue north from the Malefactor’s Evergaol without heading back into the water. You’ll soon come to this magical prison containing another boss.
    • Bols, Carian Knight – Bols is a huge Troll in knight armor, who is similar to the many other Trolls you will have fought already by this point. He’s large, so hits hard but moves slow. Stay under him as much as possible and target the individual legs to bring him down for a critical hit! He drops the Greatblade Phalanx Sorcery, which can be paired with some extremely strong staffs for great magic builds.
  • Royal Grave Evergaol – Once again, continue north. This time, you’ll have to progress through Caria Manor, then head east after leaving the room where you defeat Royal Knight Loretta, reaching the Three Sisters. This Evergaol is on the east section of this location.
    • Alabaster Lord – Similar in appearance to the Ancient Hero of Zamor, the Lord uses gravity magic against those who enter his prison. Watch out for the area of effect attack, but be sure to exploit it as the animation is long and punishable. This boss drops another sorcery: Meteorite.

Liurnia Quest Area

The following Evergaol can only be reached by following Ranni the Witch’s questline, giving you access to an elevated area of Liurnia. Here’s our guide to completing the quest and obtaining a legendary sword!

  • Ringerleader’s Evergaol – Once you’ve gained access to the Moonlight Altar Plateau, head north-west (avoiding or killing the dragons) until you can ride no further. At the tip of the land, you’ll find this Evergaol.
Liurnia of the Lakes Evergaols


  • Sellia Evergaol – The one and only Evergaol in Caelid is atop a cliff, south of where you collect the region’s map fragment, close and above the location of the Abandoned Cave.
    • Battlemage Hugues – As his name suggests, Hugues relies mostly on magical attacks, although he can bludgeon you with his Gavel. Your biggest threat in this fight will be his Cannon of Haima, an AoE sorcery that will deal double-damage if it hits you directly. Killing him will award you with Spirit Ashes that make himself summonable.
Caelid Evergaol Location Elden Ring

Altus Plateau

  • Golden Lineage Evergaol (Requires x1 Stonesword Key) – Upon exiting the Grand Lift of Dectus, follow the main path, and before you reach the campsite, go to the left and start descending. Follow this path until you reach the Evergaol.
Altus Plateau Elden Ring Evergaol

Mountaintops of the Giants

  • Lord Contender’s Evergaol – This prison is found at the south-west bank of the frozen lake.
    • Roundtable Knight Vyke – The final Evergaol boss is the most human so far. According to the lore, Vyke was the close to becoming Elden Lord before madness pushed him off of the path of Grace. He mostly utilizes Lightning attacks, but can be interrupted, so don’t hesitate. He also has to ability to heal once. Drops Fingerprint Set and Vyke’s Dragonbolt Incantation. Make sure you grab the best Sacred Seals to use with your growing arsenal of Incantations.
Mountaintops of the Giants Evergaol Location Elden Ring

And that’s it. You’ve located, and hopefully defeated, every single Evergaol boss in Elden Ring. The world is a better place because of you. I mean, they must have been imprisoned for something awful, right?

There is one more Evergaol in the Lands Between, but this one works a little differently. Spoiler Alert: It’s up in the Mountaintops of the Giants region and is linked to the main storyline.

If you’re itching for more boss battles, check out our guide to every quest in Elden Ring and get slaughtering some key enemies.

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