6 Star Raids in Pokemon GO are reserved for Mega Legendary Pokemon like Mega Latias and Mega Latios.

These Raids are very difficult to win, as the bosses have even more CP than Tier 5 Legendary Raids. Plus, they appear very rarely, as there are only a couple of Mega Legendary Pokemon in the game.

While 6 Star Raids are a very rare occurrence, there is one other Raid type that is even more elusive. Here’s everything you need to know about Elite Raids in Pokemon GO!

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How Many Players Do You Need to Win 6 Star Raids in Pokemon GO?

To win 6 Star Raids in Pokemon, we recommend a party of six high-level Pokemon trainers with strong counters to the boss.

This is enough firepower to help you win within the time limit, but feel free to invite as many other Pokemon trainers as you can!

Additionally, Mega Evolving one of your Pokemon is also recommended to give you and your team an extra boost.

Find out the top tips to win Pokemon GO Raids if you need some help beating Tier 6 bosses!

What Do Tier 6 Raid Eggs Look Like?

Tier 6 Mega Legendary Eggs are green and purple with the Mega Evolution symbol on the side of them.

While the color scheme is green and purple, the Egg will glow and pulsate before it hatches, making it pretty easy to spot!

Tier 6 Raid Egg Pokemon GO

Which Pokemon Are Tier 6 Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO

The only Pokemon that can currently be 6 Star Raid bosses in Pokemon GO are Mega Latias and Mega Latios, as they are the only Mega Legendary Pokemon in the game.

However, in the future, we could see Mega Rayquaza and Mega Mewtwo be added as Tier 6 Raid bosses, since they have appeared in mainline Pokemon games before.

Check out our Pokemon GO Mega Latias and Mega Latios Raid guide. This will help you easily defeat these Mega Legendary ‘Mon!

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Are Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre 6 Star Raid Bosses?

No, despite having 92860 CP, Primal Groudon, and Primal Kyogre aren’t technically Tier 6 Raid bosses. Even if they’re more comparable in difficulty to Tier 6 bosses, they are marked as Tier 5 in-game.

However, instead of a 5 Star Egg, you can tell when a Primal Raid is happening as a Primal Egg appears above the Gym.

Find out how to add both Primal Pokemon to your Pokedex:

Primal Kyogre Raid Tier Pokemon GO
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