To get Primal Groudon in Pokemon GO, you must use Primal Energy to turn a standard version of Groudon into its Primal version.

Once you have collected 400 Groudon Primal Energy by beating Primal Groudon Raids or completing specific Research Tasks, you can press the Primal Reversion button to turn Groudon into Primal Groudon.

Once you have done this, Groudon will remain in its Primal form for eight hours, boosting its stats and giving you and your Pokemon in-game bonuses.

For more information, check out our Pokemon GO Primal Reversion Guide!

Pokemon GO Groudon Primal Energy

You will want to use Primal Reversion of Groudon as often as possible. The more times you turn Groudon into Primal Groudon, the less Groudon Primal Energy it will cost to do it.

Additionally, you can use Primal Reversion to increase Groudon’s Primal Level. The more you use Primal Reversion on Groudon, the higher its Primal Level gets, boosting the in-game bonuses.

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Primal Groudon Bonuses in Pokemon GO

Using Primal Reversion to change Groudon into Primal Groudon in Pokemon GO grants two bonuses for the duration that Groudon is in its Primal form:

  • Fire, Grass, and Ground-type attacks will be boosted when Primal Groudon is in your party for Raids
  • Additional XP and Candy for catching Fire, Grass, and Ground-type attacks when Primal Groudon is your buddy

See how these bonuses stack up to the Primal Kyogre bonuses in Pokemon GO so you can decide which one is best!

Team Ruby Pokemon GO

How to Get Groudon Primal Energy in Pokemon GO

There are two ways to get Groudon Primal Energy in Pokemon GO:

  • Winning a Primal Groudon Raid
  • Completing specific Field Research Tasks that give Groudon Primal Energy as a reward

Therefore, you will want to take part in as many Primal Groudon Raids as possible to earn plenty of Groudon Primal Energy!

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