To get Primal Kyogre in Pokemon GO, you need to transform a standard Kyogre into Primal Kyogre using Kyogre Primal Energy.

You need to collect 400 Kyogre Primal Energy by winning Raids against Primal Kyogre or by completing specified Research Tasks. Then, you can press the Primal Reversion button to transform your standard Kyogre into its Primal form.

This process will turn Kyogre into Primal Kyogre for eight hours. Not only does this significantly boost its stats, but it also grants you some powerful in-game bonuses.

Every time you use Primal Reversion on Kyogre, the Primal Energy cost to turn it into its Primal form again reduces, and its Primal Level increases.

Check out our Pokemon GO Primal Reversion guide for more detail about this process!

Kyogre Primal Energy Pokemon GO

The higher your Kyogre’s Primal Level, the stronger the in-game bonuses you get when you use Primal Reversion on Kyogre.

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Primal Kyogre Bonuses in Pokemon GO

Turning Kyogre into Primal Kyogre in Pokemon GO grants you two in-game bonuses for as long as Kyogre is in its Primal form:

  • Water, Electric, and Bug-type attacks will be boosted when Primal Kyogre is in your party for Raids
  • Additional XP and Candy for catching Water, Electric, and Bug-type attacks when Primal Kyogre is your buddy

Find out how these compare to the Primal Groudon bonuses so you can decide which Legendary Pokemon has the better Primal form!

Team Sapphire Pokemon GO

How to Get Kyogre Primal Energy in Pokemon GO

There are only two ways to earn Kyogre Primal Energy in Pokemon GO. They are:

  • Defeating Primal Kyogre in a Raid battle
  • Completing specific Field Research Tasks that give Kyogre Primal Energy as a reward

As these only give you a small amount of Kyogre Primal Energy, you’ll need to repeat these two activities many times to earn 400!

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