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Pokemon GO Mega Evolution Update – All Changes & How it Works

Pokemon GO has just gotten a huge Mega Evolution update – here’s all of the changes to the system and how you can Mega Evolve Pokemon now!

Not only is Pokemon all about catching ’em all, but you’ll want to evolve as many of them as you can too. This includes the powerful Mega Evolutions of Pokemon as well!

Unfortunately, Mega Evolutions have been pretty disappointing in Pokemon GO so far but this is about to change!

A new update is changing Mega Evolutions in a big way. Here’s everything you need to know about the huge Mega Evolution changes in Pokemon GO!

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Pokemon GO Mega Venusaur

How to Mega Evolve in Pokemon GO After the Update

On the same day Niantic announced the upcoming Geodude Community Day in May, the developer also announced some huge changes to Mega Evolutions in Pokemon GO. This update is already live in Australia and New Zealand and will arrive worldwide soon!

Mega Evolving a Pokemon for the first time is the same as it ever was but it will now be a one-time Mega Energy cost. Despite this, your Pokemon will still only be Mega Evolved for a certain amount of time.

After they have Mega Evolved, your Pokemon will be fatigued, however, you’ll be able to Mega Evolve it again for free once the rest timer is over. You can use Mega Energy to reduce the rest time though.

This is especially useful if you a farming Legendary 5* Raids to get a shiny!

Additionally, all of your Mega Evolved Pokemon will now have Mega Levels that will increase with every Mega Evolution. These Mega Levels will grant new bonuses including reducing the rest period as well as increasing the chances of obtaining XL Candy when catching Pokemon of the same type!

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Pokemon GO Mega Kangaskhan

Mega Raid Changes

Finally, this update will also make most Mega Raids easier to win so you’ll need a smaller team to take them on. Plus, you’ll be able to Mega Evolve your ‘Mon from the Raid and Battle prep screens.

Although leaks suggest that Mega Legendary Raids are coming to Pokemon GO soon so this could be a new level of challenge for Pokemon trainers!

And that’s everything you need to know about Mega Evolutions after the upcoming Pokemon GO update! Make sure to stay updated to find out when this releases worldwide.

Meanwhile, Pokemon GO players are paying huge money for Shiny Pikachu Libre on eBay. This is a massive price to pay for one Pokemon!

What’s more, many fans are not happy with the state of the game right now. Disabled Pokemon GO players are calling the game “impossible” thanks to the recent updates!

Plus, other fans are calling incense “worthless” in Pokemon GO! Let’s hope that Niantic reverts the recent changes to this item.


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