Some of the locations from the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops 6 campaign could have been revealed in a new Warzone teaser!

The Black Ops 6 campaign will be carrying on the story from Cold War’s campaign and seasonal content. Additionally, it also looks like it will be taking the events of Black Ops 2 into account, judging by Frank Woods’ appearance in the new Warzone intro.

A recent teaser has finally confirmed that Black Ops 6 will be set during the Gulf War, and now we have got some hints about some of the locations the game could take us to.

Black Ops 6 Wolves Logo

Possible Black Ops 6 Locations Found on Warzone Submarine Evidence Board

One of the new Black Ops 6 challenges in Warzone tasks players with finding an evidence board. This board can be found on a submarine off the coast of Rebirth Island in some – however, the submarine doesn’t always spawn.

The evidence board on the submarine lists four locations which are likely to appear in the Black Ops 6 campaign. They are:

  • Washington DC
  • Kuwait
  • Iraq
  • Avalon

Previously, the coordinates for Saddam Hussein’s compound were also revealed in the thumbnail for the Black Ops 6 live-action trailer.

Black Ops 6 Evidence Board in Warzone

The first three locations on the evidence board are obvious settings for the game. After all, the United States government and the Pentagon are located in Washington D.C., while Kuwait and Iraq are the two countries where the Gulf War took place.

However, the fourth location on the list, Avalon, is not quite as apparent.

While we don’t know exactly where Avalon may be, there is an island off the coast of California called Avalon, which was used as a military training base during World War 2.

Alternatively, it could be a codename for another location or base that will later be revealed.

Hopefully, the upcoming Black Ops 6 Direct presentation will reveal much more about the next Call of Duty campaign. This could include locations, characters and some hints towards the story of the game.

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