Warzone is getting even more Black Ops 6 teasers, and now Frank Woods is turning up to guide players into the Battle Royale.

The Warzone introductory cutscene starring Phillip Graves is one of the most grating features of Activision’s Battle Royale.

Every time players want to drop into Urzikstan, they’re met with a cutscene featuring the Shadow Company leader, who informs them that they’re heading to the Warzone.

Now, that irritating introduction is being replaced, as Frank Woods appears to tease Black Ops 6.

What’s the New Warzone Intro All About?

When you head into a game of Warzone right now, the usual cutscene will be interrupted by static, with a new broadcast replacing Graves’ intro.

Instead, we see Master Sergeant Frank Woods, one of Black Ops’ most iconic characters, who tells players that they’ve got new orders.

“We got intel there might be key information here to finally reveal that mole we’ve been hunting. Now get out there and get to work.”

It appears that the mole Woods is referring to is none other than Russell Adler, a CIA operative who appeared in Black Ops Cold War.

We’ve already had our first look at Adler in an early leak, and now this teaser confirms that the popular character will be a major part of the Black Ops 6 storyline.

Notably, Woods is in a wheelchair when he appears in the Black Ops 6 x Warzone teaser, leading many fans to question what happened to the character since we last saw him.

Why Is Frank Woods in a Wheelchair?

For those unaware, Frank Woods is in a wheelchair because Black Ops 6 looks to take place in 1990-1991, around the time of the Gulf War.

This means that it takes place after the events of Black Ops 2, during which Woods gets shot in both knees by the story’s villain, Raul Menendez.

This permanently handicaps the soldier, who lives out the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Given that the events of Black Ops 2 were canon, this also means that Hudson is also dead at the time of Black Ops 6. Mason’s fate is actually unknown, given that players can choose whether he gets shot in the head or the body, a wound he appears to survive.

If Black Ops 6 does take place in the early 90s, Woods should also be approximately 60 years old, meaning he’s probably taking a backseat from the frontlines in the upcoming story.

However, players can get their hands on not one but three Operator skins of Frank Woods in his prime, simply by pre-ordering Black Ops 6 early!

Pre-orders are expected to go live on June 9 following the official Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Direct.

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