Ross Barkley has received an Out of Position item via SBC in FIFA 23. The SBC gives players the option of choosing between two different versions of his card!

The Englishman has received a massive +10 on his base 76 overall gold item. In line with the Out of Position promo, his items have also been given differing positional changes to his regular CAM card!

Players will be able to decided between a ST Ross Barkley or a RW Ross Barkley item.

Here is the cheapest way to complete the Ross Barkley SBC in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Out of Position Ross Barkley SBC Cheapest Solution

To complete Ross Barkley, you will need to submit three SBC solutions, each requiring some high rated players. The full cost of the SBC will set you back 110,000 coins.

Here are the minimum ratings and cheapest players for each overall you will need!

There are also no chemistry requirements needed to complete these SBCs meaning you can place players in any position!

Ross Barkley Top Form SBC

  • Requirements:
    • Min.1 TOTW Player in your Starting 11
    • Min. 83 Team Overall Rating
    • 11 Players in Squad
  • Cost: 20,000 coins
  • Reward: Small Electrum Players Pack
Onana82650Inter MilanCameroon
Coates82650Sporting CPUruguay
Martinez843,000Aston VillaArgentina
Lemar83850Atletico MadridFrance
Joselu (TOTW)8310,500RCD EspanyolSpain
Luis Alberto83850LatiumSpain
Top Form Solution

If you have untradeable players in your club, this SBC will be even cheaper! Just follow our ratings guide!

Remember one of these players must be a TOTW player!

  • 81 Rated Players – 1
  • 82 Rated Players – 3
  • 83 Rated Players – 6
  • 84 Rated Players – 1

Ross Barkley England SBC

  • Requirements:
    • Min. 1 England Player in Starting 11
    • Min. 84 Team Overall Rating
    • 11 Players in Starting 11
  • Cost: 30,000 coins
  • Reward: Mixed Players Pack
Di Maria843,000JuventusArgentina
Canales843,000SpainReal Betis
Dzeko843,000Inter MilanBosnia & Herzegovina
Stones83850Man CityEngland
Lemar83850Atletico Madrid France
Ndidi843,000Leicester CityNigeria
FIFA 23 Barkley SBC England Solution

If your club is stocked with high rated players already, the cost of this SBC will be lower! Follow this ratings guide to complete it using your own players!

Remember, you need at least one England player!

  • 83 Rated Players – 4
  • 84 Rated Players – 6
  • 85 Rated Players- 1

Ross Barkley Ligue 1

  • Requirements:
    • Min. 1 Ligue 1 Player in Starting 11
    • Min. 85 Team Overall Rating
    • 11 Players in Starting 11
  • Cost: 65,000 coins
  • Reward: Prime Mixed Players Pack
Sancho843,000Manchester UnitedEngland
Merino83850Real SociedadSpain
Di Maria843,000JuventusArgentina
De Paul843,000Atletico MadridArgentina
Luis Alberto83850LatiumSpain
Mahrez8613,500Man CityAlgeria
Lloris8718,000Tottenham France
FIFA 23 Barkley SBC Ligue 1 Solution

Of course, if you have players already in your club, this will be much cheaper! Follow this ratings guide if you are using differing players!

Remember to keep one Ligue 1 player in your solution!

  • 83 Rated Players – 4
  • 84 Rated Players – 4
  • 86 Rated Players – 1
  • 87 Rated Players – 2

FIFA 23 OOP Ross Barkley Stats & acceleRATE

Here are the stats and acceleRATE for the ST option of Ross Barkley!

LeagueLigue 1
ClubOGC Nice
Positions (Alternate Positions)ST (CF)
acceleRATE TypeLengthy

Here is the Stats and acceleRATE for the RW option of Ross Barkley!

LeagueLigue 1
ClubOGC Nice
Positions (Alternate Positions)RW (RM, LW, LM)
acceleRATE TypeControlled
FIFA 23 RW Barkley Stats

Are the Ross Barkley SBC Player Picks Lengthy?

Yes, both options of Barkley are either lengthy or can become lengthy!

The ST option for Ross Barkley is defaulted as lengthy where as the RW version is controlled but can become lengthy by applying an architect chemistry style!

If you are looking for some more lengthy players in FIFA 23, we have a full list highlighting the best lengthy players in each position!

Which Barkley Player Pick Should I Choose in FIFA 23?

If you are on PS4 or Xbox One, you should choose the RW Barkley for the added pace. If you are on PS5, Xbox Series X/S or PC, it’s entirely up to preference.

Due to the new acceleRATE feature on the newest generation of consoles, having lengthy players is beneficial.

However, since both Barkley’s can be lengthy, it will depend on what you would rather have in your squad!

Is the OOP Barkley SBC Worth the Cost?

At 110,000 coins, Ross Barkley is reasonably priced. With five star weak foot and four star skills, Barkley is certainly an excellent option for your squad!

However, unless you can fit him into your current team or can complete him using players in your club, there is not much point in spending 110,000 coins on a substitute

The Out of Position promo has brought us a load of new exciting position changed special items!

If you complete the Barkley SBC, you can link him up with the new LWB Callum Hudson-Odoi Objective!

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