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Cheapest 85 Rated Players in FIFA 23 for SBCs

These 85 rated players in FIFA 23 are the cheapest to complete the most difficult SBCs efficiently.

As the year progress, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team will introduce different SBCs that require overall teams of 84, 85, and sometimes even 86.

Usually, players of this caliber are reserved for your actual team. So when you do need to use them, it’s always a great idea to go to the transfer market and search for a cheap 85 rated player to boost your SBC.

Here are all the cheapest 85 rated players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team! But before that, make sure you understand how the new FIFA 23 Shared Transfer Market works.

FIFA 23 Cheapest 85 Rated Players

PlayerPS & Xbox PricePC PriceNationLeague
Gerard Moreno7,7007,800SpainLa Liga
Diogo Jota7,8008,100PortugalPremier League
Marcos Acuna7,6007,800ArgentinaLa Liga
Matthijs de Ligt7,8007,900NetherlandsBundesliga
Patrik Schick7,8007,900Czech RepublicBundesliga
Iago Aspas7,8007,800SpainLa Liga
Yans Sommer7,8007,800SwitzerlandBundesliga
Niklas Süle7,9007,800GermanyBundesliga
Marcos Reus7,8007,900GermanyBundesliga
Filip Kostić7,8007,600SerbiaSerie A TIM
Jamie Vardy7,9007,800EnglandPremier League
Pedri7,9007,800SpainLa Liga
Jordi Alba7,7007,800SpainLa Liga
Paul Pogba7,9007,900FranceSerie A
Ilkay Gündogan7,8008,000GermanyPremier League
Jorginho8,0007,900ItalyPremier League
Nabil Fekir8,0007,900FranceLa Liga
Serge Gnabry7,8007,900GermanyBundesliga
Cheapest 85 rated players in FIFA 23
These prices and players were updated on November 21, 2022, to reflect the current Transfer Market.

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These are the cheapest 85 rated cards you should purchase from the Transfer Market to use on SBCs for high-quality promo cards.

It is worth noting that, at times, these prices will seem more expensive than usual. This is usually because an SBC has become popular and requires 85-rated players.

FUT 23 Cheapest 85 Rated TOTW Players

PlayerPS & Xbox PricePC PriceLeagueNation
Gregor Kobel11,50011,000BundesligaSwitzerland
Kasper Schmeichel11,50011,500DenmarkLigue 1
Victor Osimhen12,00011,000Serie A TIMNigeria
Antoine Griezmann12,00011,500La LigaFrance
Cody Gakpo14,50016,750Ligue 1Mali
Cheapest 85 rated TOTW players in FIFA 23

FUT 23 Cheapest 85 Rated Players in Each Top League

There are SBCs that will require you to use players from specific leagues to form Chemistry Links.

The best leagues to use for 85 rated players are Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga Santander. All of these leagues feature a great variety of players and even nations.

Premier League

  • Jamie Vardy – 7,700 Coins
  • Aubameyang – 7,700 Coins
  • Diogo Jota – 7,800 Coins
  • Phil Foden – 7,900 Coins

The Premier League is the best option for completing SBCs due to how many cheap 85-Rated players from different countries can be bought.


  • Péter Gulácsi – 9,000 Coins
  • Niklas Süle – 9,000 Coins
  • Patrik Schick – 9,000 Coins
  • Serge Gnabry – 9,000 Coins
  • Matthijs de Ligt – 9,100 Coins

The Bundesliga is also great for creating Chemistry Links since most of their cheap 85-Rated players float around the same price.

La Liga

  • Jordi Alba- 7,600 Coins
  • Pedri – 7,700 Coins
  • Memphis Depay – 7,700 Coins
  • Iago Aspas – 7,700 Coins
  • Gerard Moreno – 7,700 Coins

La Liga is another excellent option for 85-Rated players, especially when you also need to create Chemistry Links with Spain players.

Ligue 1

  • Kasper Schmeichel – 11,000 Coins
  • Hamari Traoré – 21,000 Coins

Ligue 1 has only a few options for 85-Rated players. It is the last league you should use in any SBC that requires 85-Rated players.

Serie A TIM

  • Filip Kostić – 7,900 Coins
  • Victor Osimhen TOTW – 12,500 Coins
  • Bremer TOTW – 14,750 Coins

We do not recommend using Serie A TIM for any Chemistry Links regarding 85-Rated players due to how few options there are. It can get expensive if you need more than two.

Best Way to Get Cheap 85 Rated Players in FUT 23

The best and fastest way to get the cheapest possible 85-rated player is to:

  • Go to the Transfer Market.
  • Enter the player’s name.
  • Enter the lowest possible price in the “Max. Buy Now” section of the filter.
    • For an 85-Rated player, this is usually between 8,500 to 9,300.
  • Search for results.
  • If none pop up, then slowly increase the Max. Buy Now.
    • Increase in increments of 100 coins.
  • Eventually, you should see a player pop up for as cheap as possible.
  • Interact with the player and choose the “Buy Now” option to purchase them quickly.

And that is how you can quickly snipe some of the lowest prices 85-Rated players in FIFA 23.

Here is the current lineup of SBCs that would benefit from having 85 rated players:

But these are not the best 85 rated players in the game if what you’re looking to do is build the best FIFA 23 Ultimate Team possible.

For that, you can check out our guide for the best meta players for each position:

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