Everyone’s Contraband Weapon Inventories will be reset to the starting weapons in DMZ Season 2. Additionally, all Key Inventories will be completely emptied.

Most importantly, every player’s Faction Mission progress will be completely wiped. This is to make way for a new set of missions and the Crown Faction.

This is according to a Call of Duty blog post that helps clear up any confusion after the initial announcement led to a misunderstanding amongst fans.

It is worth noting that the DMZ mode will go offline before the official release date of Season 2, so be prepared to be unable to access it during that time.

This is also to allow time to introduce all of the new content coming to Warzone 2 and DMZ, as well as to properly implement these resets.

ResettingNot Resetting
Faction Mission ProgressUnlocked Insured Weapon Slots
Contraband Weapon InventoriesMission & Boss Rewards (except Contraband & Keys)
Key InventoriesSome Season 1 Missions
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What Is Not Being Reset in Warzone 2 DMZ Season 2?

Any Insured Weapons Slots that players unlocked while progressing through Faction Missions in Season 1 will not be reset. Unlocking Insured Weapons Slots will also be significantly easier in Season 2 and beyond.

Additionally, any rewards you have unlocked through completing missions and defeating bosses will not reset in Season 2. The only exceptions are Contraband and Keys.

So, while fans will lose their Faction Mission progress, they will keep almost all the rewards they unlocked for completing those missions.

Not all of the Faction Missions from Season 1 are going, either. The ones that worked, according to Warzone 2’s developer, will return in Season 2.

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Why Is Warzone 2 DMZ Being Reset in Season 2?

The DMZ mode is being reset because progressing through missions became too difficult and complex in Season 1. Season 2 is therefore rebalancing each mission’s challenge and time requirements.

Additionally, the reset allows for new multi-location missions in both familiar locations and the brand-new Japanese-themed map coming to Warzone 2 in Season 2.

The reset will also allow for longer-form missions, as it introduces a feature wherein the Key Stash can hold mission items that must be brought from one Exclusion Zone to another.

Season 2 will also introduce the brand-new Crown faction and its own missions. However, many players are frustrated about the way it is unlocked in-game.

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