Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 2 will bring new multiplayer maps, modes, weapons, and even a new Resurgence arena to the game. Here’s everything that should be coming to Call of Duty’s second season:

Release Date

MW2 & Warzone 2 Season 2 releases on February 15, 2023. This is a 2-week delay from its initial release date (per the Battle Pass countdown timer) of February 1.

Here’s how to pre-load the MW2 & Warzone 2 Season 2 update so you can be among the first to play when the patch goes live.

Resurgence Mode

Fans of fast-paced gameplay will be happy to hear that Resurgence mode from the original Warzone is returning in Warzone 2. This game mode often features a smaller arena, and lets players respawn on their allies after a short countdown, so long as one of them remains alive.

It’s a nice change of pace from the slower Battle Royale style and fans are eager to get their hands on it – particularly because it will come with a new map.

Warzone Season 2

Mini Battle Royale Map

Now confirmed by Activision, Warzone 2 will have a new, smaller map dropping alongside Season 2. We may have already seen this new Warzone map in a leak that Activision is trying desperately to take down.

If the rumors are true, the new Resurgence map will be home to 50 player games, as well as DMZ and Ground War. Of course, it’ll also be a perfect opportunity for some Rebirth Island-style gameplay.

Fans may recognize a few familiar locations too, including yet another remake of World at War’s Castle map.

New Weapons

Both MW2 and Warzone 2.0 will be receiving new weapons alongside the Season 2 update. The patch will bring with it an entirely new Battle Pass that usually contains 2 free weapons for players to unlock.

Although Activision is keeping quiet about what’s to come, leaks indicate that we could see the return of the Crossbow with the new update. A copyright strike recently took down leaked Crossbow assets, indicating that the datamine was indeed legitimate.

Warzone Crossbow

As for what the second weapon will be, we’re currently not too sure. That said, the Season 1 Reloaded update temporarily brought new unfinished shotgun muzzles to the game which seem to belong to the Vepr-12.

We do find it unlikely that the Crossbow and a new shotgun would both be Battle Pass unlocks however, so a new SMG or AR is likely on the way too.

New Multiplayer Maps

MW2 will also be getting multiple new multiplayer maps for fans to enjoy. Leaks indicate that Castle could be coming alongside a Japan-themed season, but seeing the map get another remake right after Vanguard might not prove to be a popular decision.

Recently, a new tease by CharlieIntel implies that Castle won’t be returning but Valderas Museum will! The MW2 Beta map will be a welcome return but it’s hardly an exciting addition to the season, if the leak proves correct.

And as much as we hope that we’ll get a classic MW2 2009 map such as Highrise or Terminal making a return, nothing is confirmed.

Valderas Museum Map MW2

In fact, it seems that Activision could be making a paid classic map pack instead of a new COD release this year. In that case, we can expect a lot of the fan-favorite maps to be locked behind the DLC paywall.

Looting Changes in Warzone 2

The Battle Royale looting changes in Season 2 will include player eliminations and all loot containers popping loot onto the floor. This should make it easier to pick up items as previously, players would have to collect loot from backpacks instead of the ground.

Warzone 2’s looting system so far has certainly been divisive. Although there are some positives, such as location-appropriate loot being found in certain containers, and the fact that it creates less ground clutter, it’s a notably slower system than the original Warzone looting ever was.

In a recent tweet, Infinity Ward confirmed that looting changes and loadout adjustments are in the works. They also are reportedly taking feedback from the Call of Duty community into consideration.

As fans were hoping, all players will now spawn with a 3-plate vest, instead of relying on luck to find one and give you the edge in gunfights. And speaking of plating, players will be able to move slightly faster while inserting Armor Plates, as well as being able to bash through doors once again.

Looting Changes in Warzone 2

Loadout Changes in Warzone 2

Loadouts will finally let players add Perks of their choosing to their Warzone 2 builds (though a reduced pool of Perks will be available early on).

On top of that, the price to purchase a loadout will be reduced and all Buy Stations now contain an unlimited supply of Loadout Drop Markers.

Loadout Drop

A second wave of loadouts will arrive in Al Mazrah for free mid-game, and there’s even a very rare chance to find a free Loadout Drop Marker as you loot up.

What’s more, the Stronghold/Blacksite system is getting a major overhaul with tweaks to both AI and available loot.

1v1 Gulag

Finally, 1v1s are returning to the Gulag in Warzone 2 Season 2. After dealing with uncooperative teammates (or ones that just quit altogether) for a full season, a lot of fans were calling for Gulag fights to return to a straight 1v1 matchup.

It seems Raven Software is listening to feedback and taking it into account. Instead of the overpowered Jailer, players can expect a return to the overtime capture point system from Warzone 1.

And although the current Gulag is a little too large for a 1v1 situation, adjustments will be made to the current arena while a new map is developed.

Warzone 2 Gulag location

Balance Changes

Of course, both Warzone 2 and MW2 will be getting a series of balance changes in Season 2. The meta will be getting big shake-up, and hopefully we’ll see the end of the RPK and Fennec total dominance in the Battle Royale.

Be sure to use these overpowered Warzone 2 loadouts before they get a nerf!

A number of long-range fans are also hoping that sniping may get a buff, allowing the game’s heaviest snipers to down Warzone players with one headshot.

Backpacks are almost entirely being removed as we say goodbye to Medium and Large bags. Now everyone can only make use of their Small Backpack, meaning that the number of Self Revives and Killstreaks that players can hold at once has been drastically reduced.

As for what Infinity Ward and Raven Software choose to balance, only time will tell.

Warzone 2 Sniper

Changes to Battle Royale Economy

More cash, lower prices. There will be more cash available to loot and Buy Station prices will be reduced in Warzone 2 Season 2.

On top of that, winning a Gulag will now give players more cash to help them resupply after dropping back in. There will also be cash present in the Gulag for those who want to earn even more for their regain.

Combat Record

Finally, months after launch, we should finally be getting access to the Combat Record in Warzone 2 Season 2. This new feature (which was surprisingly not available on launch day) will help players track their wins and kills in the Battle Royale.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear as to whether or not past wins will be tracked in the Combat Record when it arrives. According to a COD Blog post, the statistics in the Warzone 2 Combat Record were initially only going to be accurate from the feature’s activation date onward.

Since then, Combat Records got delayed from the beginning of Season 1 all the way to Season 2. Hopefully, this means that our past wins may be counted after all when the update arrives.

In the meantime, here’s how to check your K/D ratio and more in MW2. And there’s even a workaround that lets you check your Warzone 2 stats right now.

Warzone 2 Ghost

Ranked Play

It is now confirmed that MW2 Ranked mode will finally arrive at the start of Season 2. This new playlist will allow players to dial up their competitive natures and face off in fair and balanced matches.

Not only will Ranked allow players to compete with others at their skill division, it also comes with exclusive competitive rewards. Of course, fans do need to know exactly what’s allowed and what isn’t when it comes to Ranked Play.

Here are all the MW2 Ranked rules, restrictions, available maps & modes before you hop in.

We’ve also seen evidence that Warzone 2 will be getting a Ranked mode in the future. However, players shouldn’t expect this to drop anytime soon.

Hardcore Mode

Call of Duty’s traditional Hardcore mode is returning to Modern Warfare 2 in Season 2.

We’ve already seen a variant of Hardcore in the game with Tier 1, but now the traditional Multiplayer is returning.

Hardcore will feature no HUD and lowered health.

New DMZ Content

New missions, new Exclusion Zone and difficulty tuning is coming to DMZ in Season 2.

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