Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will feature a return to the Wildcard system in Create-A-Class, according to one reliable leaker.

Black Ops 6 looks to be bringing back a handful of fan-favorite mechanics, alongside introducing new series staples.

We recently learned more about the returning Classic Prestige system, which will reset players back to level 1 just like it used to. What’s more, Zombies fans will see the return of iconic crews, GobbleGums, and, of course, round-based survival.

But now, one Call of Duty leaker claims that Wildcards will be another returning feature in Black Ops 6.

Greed Wild Card in Black Ops Cold War

Wildcards Are Back in Black Ops 6

According to a new post on X by reliable COD leaker BobNetworkUK, Black Ops 6 is set to bring back Wildcards.

The leaker states that Wildcards will feature in Warzone loadouts when Black Ops 6 integrates, which implies that they’re also coming to Multiplayer.

Bob was even able to give us an example of one Wildcard present in-game, which allows players to utilize eight attachments on a single weapon. In the recent Black Ops Cold War, this card was called Gunfighter.

As for whether it’ll be possible to use this Wildcard with MW2/MW3 weapons, or if it’ll be restricted to the new Black Ops 6 integration, we’ll have to wait and see!

For those unfamiliar with the Wildcard mechanic, we’ll break it down for you below:

Wildcards Explained

Wildcards are a Create-A-Class mechanic first featured in Black Ops 2. They have since appeared in Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, Black Ops 4, and Black Ops Cold War, making them a staple for modern Treyarch titles.

Wildcards are game-changing boosts that dramatically affect how players can build their ideal loadout.

In games that used the ‘Pick 10’ system (which allows players to restrict their loadout choices to ten elements), players could add three Wildcards. However, in the more recent Black Ops Cold War, only one Wildcard was permitted per loadout.

All Call of Duty Wildcards

Here’s a breakdown of all the Wildcards in the Call of Duty series so far:

BombardierAdvanced WarfareTake a second Exo Launcher in place of an Exo Ability
Danger CloseBlack Ops 2, 3, Cold WarTake a second Lethal and Tactical (& extra starting ammo)
GunfighterBlack Ops Cold War3 more attachments for Primary weapons
Law BreakerBlack Ops Cold WarEquip any weapon class in either slot. Equip multiple Perks from one Perk category.
OverkillBlack Ops 2, 3, 4, Advanced WarfareUse a Primary weapon as a Secondary weapon
Perk 1/2/3 GluttonyBlack Ops 4Use all Perk slots to select Perks from a single category
Perk 1/2/3 GreedBlack Ops 2, 3, 4, Cold War, Advanced WarfareEquip an extra Perk from a chosen Perk slot
Primary GunfighterBlack Ops 2, 3, 4, Advanced WarfareTake 1 more attachment for Primary weapons
Primary/Secondary Operator ModBlack Ops 4Unlock the Operator Mod slot for weapons
Secondary GunfighterBlack Ops 2, 3, 4, Advanced WarfareTake 1 more attachment for Secondary weapons
TacticianBlack Ops 2, 3, Advanced WarfareTake a second Tactical instead of a Lethal
UnderkillBlack Ops 4Use a Secondary weapon as a Primary weapon

For now, we recommend taking all leaks with a pinch of salt, as there are still a few months before Black Ops 6’s release date.

However, we’re almost certainly going to see Wildcards in action during the upcoming COD NEXT 2024, if this leak proves correct.

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