It’s almost time for Call of Duty’s annual showcase, and we’ve got all the details you need to know about COD NEXT 2024!

Once a year, Activision takes Call of Duty hype to the next level, by inviting dozens of creators to a special in-person event.

At COD NEXT, the publisher showcases its upcoming releases, which usually consist of a brand-new AAA game as well as major changes to Call of Duty Warzone.

Here’s everything you need to know about when and where COD NEXT is set to take place, and how you can tune in:

When Is Call of Duty NEXT?

Call of Duty NEXT will take place on Wednesday, August 28, 2024.

Although no start time has been officially announced, last year’s showcase began at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST.

COD NEXT is therefore expected to kick off in: .

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 Troy Marshall

How to Watch

Fans will be able to tune into COD NEXT 2024 via the official streams on Twitch and YouTube.

We’ve linked both of the relevant channels here:

Of course, with so many streamers also taking part in the event, many viewers may prefer to watch the show from their favorite creator’s channel.

Nearer to August 28, we’ll also embed the official stream here, so you can watch right from this page!

What to Expect

Call of Duty NEXT 2024 is confirmed to reveal a new look at Black Ops 6 Multiplayer gameplay, acting as the Worldwide Multiplayer Reveal for Treyarch’s upcoming game.

Last year’s stream was around four hours long and featured an extensive look at content creators playing MW3 Multiplayer across several matches.

Black Ops 6 Police with MP5

What’s more, while currently unconfirmed by Activision, we anticipate that fans will get a look at the new changes coming to Warzone. This has always been the case in past COD NEXT livestreams.

The Battle Royale is very likely to get a new map in late 2024, and rumor has it that Verdansk will finally be returning.

The map’s remake was shown off during the MW3 2023 Campaign, and its return has been one of the most common fan requests for some time now.

Open Combat Mission Ghost in Verdansk in MW3

Activision is also likely to offer viewers in-game rewards for tuning into the event, via Twitch and YouTube drops. Users will need to ensure that their Activision accounts are linked in order to claim the free content.

Shortly after the conclusion of COD NEXT, it is expected that the Black Ops 6 Beta will go live in early access.

Therefore, we won’t be waiting long to go hands-on with the game, after watching our favorite creators checking it out at the event.

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