Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is returning to the classic Prestige system, but how exactly does the mechanic work, and what do you keep after the reset?

Treyarch is bringing back one of the most iconic Call of Duty mechanics in Black Ops 6, and long-term fans of the franchise are excited to see it return.

In recent years, Prestige has become less important, as Activision has allowed players to achieve all the benefits of hitting max level without any of the drawbacks.

However, now, users will need to think carefully before confirming that they’d like to start fresh.

How Does the Black Ops 6 Prestige Work?

The Black Ops 6 Prestige system is a return to the classic Call of Duty Prestige, in which players will reset their level back to 1 and, in doing so, lose all of their unlocked weapons and attachments.

After hitting the maximum player level of 55, users have the option to enter Prestige.

A player who chooses to Prestige will earn exclusive rewards, which they can show off in-game. However, they’ll also reset all their unlocked gear, effectively starting their grind over.

Black Ops 6 Campaign Card Game

According to Activision, Prestige will be “bigger and better with more rewards than ever before, along with some new surprises you may not be expecting.”

With that in mind, there’s sure to be more to the returning mechanic than meets the eye!

How Many Times Can You Prestige?

Black Ops 6 will allow players to Prestige 10 times initially, with each reset unlocking new rewards to showcase.

After that, Prestige 10 will graduate into Prestige Master, which grants players 1000 additional Prestige levels to complete.

Black Ops 6 Juggernaut

Presumably, these bonus levels don’t come with the same exclusive rewards as the first 10 Prestiges. However, Activision has teased a ‘classified reward’ is waiting for those dedicated enough to grind all the way to the end.

Everything You Keep And Lose

Activision hasn’t revealed the specifics of the Black Ops 6 Prestige system just yet.

However, here’s what players should expect when choosing to Prestige, based on previous games that featured the mechanic:

Everything That Resets:

  • Player Level
  • Weapon Unlocks & Attachments
  • Killstreaks & Equipment Unlocks
  • Challenge Progress
  • Camos

Everything You Keep:

Possible Rewards for Prestige:

  • Exclusive Emblem & Calling Card
  • Extra Loadout Slots
  • Permanent Unlock Tokens (Keep one item after Prestige)
  • GobbleGum or Other Zombies Content

What Happens to Warzone Unlocks?

Activision has not confirmed what happens to Warzone weapons and loadouts when a Black Ops 6 player Prestiges.

Given the fact that Black Ops 6 and Warzone feature shared progression, it stands to reason that all Black Ops 6 weapons will be reset in the Battle Royale, just like they are in your Multiplayer loadouts.

Black Ops 6 Slide Warzone

However, all MW2 and MW3 weapons shouldn’t be affected by Prestige.

It’s possible that Warzone progression will be separated from Prestige, allowing users to utilize the mechanic without ruining their Battle Royale loadouts. But we don’t expect this to be the case.

We’ll update this article as soon as we get more details, which should be coming at COD NEXT 2024!

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