New information about the Switch 2 Joy-Cons has been leaked online – and it looks like they’ll be magnetic!

The Nintendo Switch’s hybrid design allows for gaming on the go as well as on your living room TV. However, it would be nothing without the innovative Joy-Con controllers.

Joy-Cons can be attached to the console for handheld gaming or detached when playing on a TV or with friends. You can even put two Joy-Cons in a grip to make a more traditional controller!

However, despite their practical and creative design, they are still far from perfect.

Pastel Joy-Con Nintendo Switch Controllers

Of course, there is the dreaded stick drift, but another issue with the Joy-Con controllers is how fiddly they can be to attach to the Switch, as they use a rails system.

Fortunately, the Switch 2, which has a rumored March 2025 release date, looks to be leaving this behind in favor of magnetic Joy-Cons.

Switch 2 Joy-Cons Could Attach Using Magnets

A new report from Spanish website Vandal suggests that the Joy-Cons for the Switch 2 will be magnetic.

This, in theory, should allow for much easier attaching and detaching from the console compared to the original Switch’s Joy-Cons, which used rails.

While Nintendo has not confirmed this information yet, Vandal is a reliable source when it comes to Nintendo leaks. It accurately revealed some of the Switch OLED’s new features ahead of its reveal, such as the ethernet port.

Holding Joy-Con Controllers

If the Switch 2 uses magnets to attach the Joy-Cons, it suggests that Joy-Cons from the original Switch may not be compatible with the new console.

However, we hope that they will at least be usable wirelessly. It would save gamers a lot of money if you want to play Mario Kart with your friends!

Even if there’s no information about whether the current Joy-Cons will be forward-compatible, Vandal reports that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Until Nintendo confirms it, take this magnetic Joy-Con leak with a grain of salt. We expect the Nintendo Switch 2 reveal should take place in Fall 2024, so we likely won’t hear any official information until then.

Hopefully, a magnetic attachment system will be just one of many improvements for the next-gen Joy-Cons. Fans have already requested plenty of potential Joy-Con upgrades, so we hope at least a few make the cut!

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