Gamers all around the world are excited about Nintendo’s next console, but how far away is the release date of the Switch 2?

The Nintendo Switch truly revolutionized gaming when it launched back in 2017, being the perfect hybrid of in-home and on-the-go gaming. However, in 2024, the system is starting to look a bit tired and outdated.

Fortunately, there have been plenty of murmurings that Nintendo’s next console will likely be a successor to the Switch and will be releasing in the near future. There have even been leaks revealing the Switch 2’s specs!

Here’s everything you need to know about the possible release date of the Switch 2:

A March 2025 Release Date Seems Likely

A number of reliable sources claim that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be released in Q1 2025. This means that the console will come out in March 2025 at the earliest.

Trusted outlets like Nikkei, Bloomberg, Eurogamer and VGC have reported this date. Therefore, it seems almost certain that it is correct, especially considering that Pokemon Legends Z-A will also be launching in this window.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Unfortunately, March 2025 is later than many fans had hoped. In fact, Nintendo itself would have almost certainly wanted to release the console sooner than this targeted date.

Judging by previous reports, the Switch 2 was set to release in late 2024 but suffered a delay!

Was It Delayed From 2024?

Many players may be disappointed to hear that they’ll have to wait until next year for Nintendo’s next console. However, initial leaks did point towards the Switch 2’s release date being in late 2024.

According to Nikkei, the internal delay to the Switch 2’s release date is due to supply reasons. Nintendo apparently doesn’t want there to be very limited stock with the Switch 2 to avoid scalping issues.

For this reason, another delay to the release date is still possible. It seems like Nintendo is not in a major rush to release the console and will only launch it once it is confident about the supply.

Splatoon 3 on the Nintendo Switch OLED

Stay tuned for official announcements from Nintendo about its next console. We expect that it will be announced in a Nintendo Direct presentation nearer the end of 2024!

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