Nintendo’s next console has been in development for a while now, but when will the company finally reveal the Switch 2?

The Nintendo Switch released back in March 2017, so it’s about time that a sequel to this hybrid console arrived. Although Nintendo itself has not announced anything about its next console yet, plenty of leaks suggest that it is in development and set to release in the near future.

In fact, the rumors suggest that the Switch 2 will release in early 2025!

Until we get an official announcement of the soncosle from Nintendo, however, we shouldn’t get too excited. But if it’s any consolation, we do have a good idea about when Nintendo will reveal the Switch 2!


Switch 2 Announcement Will Likely Happen in Late 2024

While Nintendo has not addressed this subject just yet, we expect that the Switch 2 will be revealed in late 2024. The most likely period for the reveal trailer to drop would be around late October 2024, based on the reveal and release timeline for the original Switch.

Nintendo revealed its last new console, the Switch, on October 20, 2016, ahead of a March 3, 2017, release date. Therefore, we expect Nintendo to follow a similar schedule for the Switch 2.

As the Switch 2 is rumored to release in March 2025, it would make sense for Nintendo to announce in October to parallel the hugely successful launch of the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Logo

While October 2024 is just a prediction, as long as the Switch 2 releases in Spring 2025, Nintendo will almost certainly announce it at some point between September and November this year. This will be to build up hype and allow pre-orders for the console months in advance.

Stay tuned for an official announcement from Nintendo later in the year! As the Switch 2 reveal should be during a Nintendo Direct live stream, you’ll at least have a day or two warning before the new console is unveiled!

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