It truly feels like the end of an era now that Pokemon’s protagonist and mascot, Ash Ketchum, has finally graduated and left the show.

While the new characters replacing him are sure to be interesting, no one will hold a candle to the baseball cap-wearing ten-year-old that represented the ambitious child in us all.

Well, strictly speaking, Ash actually might not be leaving for good. Longtime Pokemon anime director Kunihiko Yuyama has teased that the fan-favorite character may eventually make a triumphant return.

Of course, make sure you know how to watch Ash Ketchum’s final episode to see his tearful finale. Just remember to bring tissues.

Ash and Pikachu looking up at the clouds in the Pokemon anime
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Is Ash Returning to Pokemon?

It is very likely that Ash Ketchum will return to Pokemon at some point in the future based on his overall popularity with fans and the comments made by the anime’s director.

Kunihiko Yuyama, one of the primary directors of the Pokemon anime, said in an interview with the Japanese publication Otomedia that he hopes to see Ash come back. This comes from a translation by Twitter user Dogasu.

Of course, this isn’t an official confirmation of Ash’s return. However, it’s likely that if Yuyama wants to see Ash return to the franchise, as the majority of fans do, then he will come back eventually.

After all, Yuyama has directed 419 episodes of Pokemon and is responsible for the writing and directing duties of most of the Pokemon movies.

Additionally, Yuyama also noted that Ash (known as Satoshi in Japan) will forever remain ten years old. This isn’t uncommon in anime targeted toward younger viewers, such as the Crayon Shin-chan series.

Ash holding a trophy with Pikachu on his shoulder.
Credit – OLM, Inc.

When Is Ash Coming Back to Pokemon?

Currently, there is no word on when Ash Ketchum may return to Pokemon. However, he likely won’t return for a long time, considering they are introducing two new characters to take his place.

The Pokemon anime showrunners likely want to give fans the time to get used to Liko and Roy, Pokemon’s new protagonists, before inserting Ash back in.

However, we will update this article with the date and episode he returns in if his return is officially announced.

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