The first episode of the Pokemon anime series debuted on April 1, 1997, and introduced us to protagonist Ash Ketchum. Now, after 26 years, Ash has finally become a Pokemon Master and is bidding farewell to the franchise.

The final episode of the original Pokemon anime starring Ash Ketchum will air on March 24, 2023. ‘The Rainbow and the Pokemon Master’ will be Ash’s last adventure as the protagonist of the Pokemon series.

During the recent Master Eight Tournament, a showdown between the top eight ranked trainers in the world, Ash Ketchum defeated the Galar Region’s Champion Leon in the finals to secure his title as a Pokemon Master.

Now, the trainer has finally achieved his goal of becoming the very best, like no one ever was. And all while still 10 years old.

Ash Wins the Masters Eight Pokemon World Championship

Where to Watch Ash Ketchum’s Final Episode of Pokemon

The final episode of Pokemon starring Ash Ketchum will be available to watch on Netflix in the US around the middle of May 2023.

Those in the UK are able to purchase the latest Ultimate Journeys episodes as they arrive on Amazon UK. However, the anime is currently only up to the beginning of Ash’s Masters Eight finale match against Leon.

UPDATE: The new episode is here! Here’s what happened in Ash & Pikachu’s final episode of Pokemon!

Unfortunately, there are no ways to watch the show with English subtitles legitimately, though more than a few anime piracy sites will no doubt have the final episode available.

Watching anime through most free streaming sites is not legal, but for many fans it will be the only way to watch Ash Ketchum’s send-off before spoilers appear online.

But could Ash be returning to the Pokemon anime before long?

Aim to be a Pokemon Master Art

When a new episode arrives, several fans also tend to upload the show onto YouTube, though these videos are often quickly taken down.

When Is the Pokemon Finale English Dub Releasing?

At this moment in time, only 27 episodes of the Pokemon Ultimate Journeys anime series have been released with an English Dub in the US.

There are 57 episodes of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys in total, with the final 11 episodes being referred to as ‘Aim to be a Pokemon Master’.

Netflix US tends to release Pokemon Journeys episodes in waves, and we don’t have a release date on the next batch of episodes. However, Netflix Canada is still releasing weekly episodes and is currently also broadcasting the Ash vs Leon fight.

With that in mind, the Pokemon Finale should arrive in mid-May 2023, as the anime dub tends to skip recap episodes.

According to Sarah Natochenny, the English Dub voice of Ash Ketchum, the final episodes are already being recorded.

But as we bid farewell to Ash, meet his replacements – new main characters Liko and Roy!

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