Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Rocket Racing, and a countdown to when the new mode will arrive.

Fortnite is getting a new Rocket Racing mode, which has been rumored to come to Rocket League for some time now.

As it turns out, the mode is actually debuting in Epic Games’ Battle Royale title, letting players finally race against each other in cars from Rocket League.

Release Date

Fortnite’s new Rocket Racing mode is now live!

It came the day after LEGO Fortnite makes its debut, and the day before the new Guitar Hero-inspired mode Fortnite Festival arrives.

Rocket Racing in Fortnite

For those a little confused, the mode will be fully accessible inside Fortnite, with no external downloads to worry about. Strangely enough, the Rocket League racing experience will not be available inside Rocket League.

In fact, Fortnite now has a Car section in its locker, and a Rocket League vehicle even appears in the new Big Bang Battle Pass.

Rocket League Racing Mode in Fortnite

What Is Rocket Racing?

Rocket Racing is a new competitive racing mode featuring cars and mechanics from fellow Epic Games property, Rocket League.

Players will be able to customize their vehicles before taking them into stylish and rocket-propelled races against other users.

We get an early look at Rocket Racing in the recent Live Event ‘The Big Bang’ during the section below:

From what we’ve seen so far, players will be racing on never-seen-before Fortnite-themed tracks, and engaging in battles at high speed. Mechanics such as drifting to gain boost, flipping to the ceiling, and even damaging the competition’s car all look to be part of the exciting new mode.

Whether or not characters will actually ride on top of their vehicles, remains to be seen.

Going by recent leaks, it appears that Rocket Racing may also get its own Battle Pass, similar to Fortnite Battle Royale. However, whether that means that you won’t be progressing the regular Battle Pass at the same time is currently unclear.

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