The Winter Wildcards Swaps is here and to collect your rewards in FIFA 23, you will need to obtain tokens!

These tokens can be earned in a variety of ways including completing SBCs and completing objectives. This token tracker will allow you to keep up to date on how many tokens have been released and if you can still get them.

And if you don’t yet know what this event is, check out this full explanation of Winter Wildcards Swaps!

FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Swaps Token Tracker

TokenPlayerHow to Get TokensIs It Still Active?
1LaradeLog into FUT 23 before the Winter Wildcards Promo End DateYes
2KunstAvailable by completing FIFA World Cup TOTT Challenge 1 SBCNo
3Zhong JinbaqWin a match in the Live FUT Friendly: Homegrown ElevenNo
4FurlanComplete Silver Stars ObjectiveNo
5VäänänenAvailable by completing FIFA World Cup TOTT Challenge 2No
6ChristogeorgosAvailable in FIFA World Cup Marquee Matchups – Sweden vs SwitzerlandNo
7BarronAvailable for 20 FUT Moments Stars in Moments Seasonal RewardsYes
8CancarAvailable in Winter Cheer Pack for 75,000 coins or 500 FIFA Points.Yes (Expires in: )
9WestbrookeAvailable as part of the Winter Wildcard Treasure Hunt Objective rewardYes (Expires in: )
10SvenssonAvailable in Winter Wildcards Challenge 1 SBCNo
11StenmarkAvailable in Winter Wildcards Challenge 2 SBCNo
12WattsAvailable in Winter Winning Objective – Win 1 match in any FUT Game ModeYes (Expires in:
13FofanaAvailable in Christmas Cheers SBCNo
14FotiAvailable in Winter Wildcards Challenge 3 SBCNo
15KourfalidisWin a match in the Live FUT Friendly: Homegrown Eleven No
16KristofComplete Silver Stars ObjectiveNo
17Tiago SantosAvailable in Marquee Matchups – Villarreal vs Valencia
18UzodimnaAvailable in Winter Wildcards Challenge 4No
19TierneyPlay 2 Matches in Live FUT Friendly: Winter Wildcards CupYes (Expires in: )
20KelmanPlay 1 FUT Draft MatchYes (Expires in: )
21MorgallaAvailable in Winter Wildcards Challenge 5Yes (Expires in: )
22GordonAvailable inNew Year’s Kick Off SBCYes (Expires in: )
23ColacoAvailable in Winter Wildcards Challenge 6Yes (Expires in: )
24ChaderWin a match in the Live FUT Friendly: Homegrown Eleven
Yes (Expires in: )
25Hwang Jae HwanAvailable in Marquee Matchups – FC Twente vs FC EmmenYes (Expires in: )

How Do I Get Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens?

To get Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens, you will need to complete SBCs and Objectives in FIFA 23. These will release across the promo period. All of the SBCs and Objectives that you can earn Tokens from so far have been listed above.

Once you have completed a specific SBC, the Token will enter your club. And if you complete an Objective, you will need to claim it through the Objectives tab.

The SBCs which contain Tokens will challenge players to complete a puzzle, with the reward being a Token as well as a pack.

Tokens earned through Objectives will be gained by completing specific tasks such as scoring, assisting, or winning in FUT modes like Division Rivals or Squad Battles.

There will also be a Winter Wildcards specific limited-time friendly. Certain Objectives will need to be completed while playing in this mode.

This is what the Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens look like in FIFA 23:

FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens

How Many Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens Will There Be?

There will be a base total of 25 tokens released in FIFA 23. Additionally, bonus tokens will be available in certain store packs across the promo.

Similar to the World Cup Swaps promo, these packs will likely be called “Winter Wildcards Foundation Pack”. The Foundations packs cost 75,000 coins or 500 FIFA Points.

Keep an eye on the FIFA 23 FUT Store for these special packs.

In other news, there will also be lots of other Winter Wildcards content dropping over the next two weeks in FIFA 23!

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