To get one of the Winter Wildcard Swaps tokens, you will need to play in the Homegrown Eleven Live FUT Friendly in FIFA 23 – but what is this mode and where can you find it?

Live FUT Friendlies are a relatively new addition to the FIFA franchise with this mode added back in FIFA 21. These Friendlies were put into the game to give players a less competitive place to hop onto the virtual pitch.

It was also a great way for EA Sports FIFA to add less stressful objectives into the game, rather than forcing players to complete them in modes such as Division Rivals.

FIFA 23 Friendlies Stadium

What Is Homegrown Eleven in FIFA 23?

Homegrown Eleven is a Live FUT Friendly mode in FIFA 23. This mode is designed so FUT fans can only use First Owned Players in the friendly match.

Playing in this mode will help you complete a bunch of Objectives which include earning a Winter Wildcards Swap token and completing the First Owner Fiesta Objective.

These are the Homegrown Eleven mode requirements:

  • First Owned Players: Min. 18
  • Loan Players: Max. 0
homegrown eleven fifa 23

What Are First Owned Players in FIFA 23?

First Owned players are items that only you have owned in FIFA 23. First Owned players can not be purchased off the transfer market.

There are three ways to get a First Owned player in FIFA 23:

  • From a pack or player pick
  • Completing an SBC player
  • Completing an Objective player

How to Find the Homegrown Eleven Live FUT Friendly

Finding this friendly mode is a simple process and by following these steps, you should find it with ease:

  • Load into FIFA Ultimate Team
  • You will load into the Home tab, press R1 on PS or RB on Xbox once to get to the Play tab
  • On the Play tab, use the left analog stick or directional pad to navigate the modes at the bottom
  • Scroll until you find Friendlies
  • Press X on PS or A on Xbox on Friendlies, then do the same on Play Online
  • Once again, use the left analog to scroll through each Live FUT Friendly until you find Homegrown Eleven

Remember, to play in this mode you will need to meet all the requirements for this friendly!

FIFA 23 Friendlies

Of course, in playing this mode, you will earn a Winter Wildcards Swaps token. Make sure you know all the rewards you can earn by trading in these tokens in FIFA 23!

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