The Winter Wildcards Swaps event was one of the most beloved promos in FIFA 22 and it has now returned in FIFA 23!

Back in FIFA 22, this event received praise from the community and made Swaps an important part of the franchise.

Since then, Swaps events have been a regular occurrence in FIFA 23 with the FGS and World Cup Swaps released in the first couple of months of the game.

The Winter Wildcards Swaps is set to continue this fan-favorite addition to the football game and players can earn high-value rewards by participating.

What Is Winter Wildcards Swaps?

Winter Wildcard Swaps is a new event in FIFA 23 where you can earn Swaps Tokens by completing specific SBCs or Objectives.

You can then exchange these Tokens for rewards by completing Winter Wildcard Swaps SBCs.

The SBCs to earn tokens will task players with completing SBC puzzles while the Objectives will ask them to complete specific challenges.

These Objectives will include scoring, assisting, and winning games in FUT modes such as Squad Battles or Division Rivals.

Also, a new friendly mode will come to FUT 23 for this promo. Players will have to complete certain Objectives while playing in this mode.

FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Swaps Tab

How Many Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens Are There?

There are 25 Tokens available to earn across this event. There will also be a Bonus Token available through a store pack.

Here is what the Tokens look like in FIFA 23. Once you have obtained a token, you can save it in your club until you have enough tokens to claim the rewards you want.

FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Token

Every FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Swaps Reward

Here is every Winter Wildcards Swaps Reward in FIFA 23. These can be found under the “Swaps” tab in SBCs.

Here you will need to submit the number of Swap Tokens required in the SBC to receive your reward. The more tokens you save up, the higher value your reward will be!

  • 2 Tokens – Winter Wildcards Kieran Trippier
  • 3 Tokens – 81 x 11 pack
  • 5 Tokens – 3 x 84+ Player Pick (1 of 4 Rare Gold Players)
  • 10 Tokens – Winter Wildcards Sandro Tonali
  • 10 Tokens – 83+ x 25 pack
  • 15 Tokens – 85+ x 10 pack
  • 15 Tokens – 85+ Winter Wildcards Player Pick (1 of 4 Winter Wildcard Players)
  • 20 Tokens – 3 x 83+ x 25 pack

How to Redeem Swaps Tokens for Winter Wildcards Rewards

Redeeming your Swaps Tokens is a simple process, and here is what you will need to do:

  • On the FUT Home Menu, use the analog stick to navigate to “Squad Building Challenges”
  • Enter the SBC tab with X on PlayStation or A on Xbox, and then scroll to “Swaps” using R1/L1 or RB/LB
  • In the “Swaps” SBC section, use the analog stick to scroll through the rewards to get to the one you want to redeem
    • You will have to scroll all the way to the end, as World Cup Swaps will be at the front of this tab
  • Click on the reward you want and in the SBC, put the required amount of tokens into the Starting 11 squad.
  • Press the “Options” button on PS or the “Menu” button on Xbox and click “Submit” and you will instantly receive your reward

Once the tokens have been submitted, you will not be able to earn them back, so choose which rewards you want carefully.

FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Swaps Submission

FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Swaps End Date & Time

The Winter Wildcards Swaps event will end on 12 January 2023 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT.

This event will conclude in:

The Winter Wildcards Swaps event started on 19 December 2022 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT.

The Swaps program is just the start of this promotion! Check out everything else that this Winter Wildcards promo will bring to FUT 23.

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