Rupees are the main currency in Tears of the Kingdom, but earning them can be a lengthy process. Luckily, there is an excellent Rupee farming method in TOTK, so you’ll never run out again!

On the remote Eventide Island, there is a Zonai Wing flying minigame where you can earn Rupees by flying and landing the wing on a target.

Usually, this is pretty difficult, but you can use a simple trick to guarantee you get at least 100 Rupees from it every 90 seconds!

Fastest Money Farming Method in Tears of the Kingdom – Eventide Island Zonai Wing Minigame

The fastest way to earn Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom is by repeatedly playing the Zonai Wing minigame on Eventide Island.

If you land the Zonai Wing in the central circle, you will get 100 Rupees in just 90 seconds. You can even get 300 Rupees if you land it right in the center!

However, to unlock this minigame, you must first know how to get to Eventide Island and complete the Seeking the Pirate Hideout side quest!

Zonai Wing Minigame Location TOTK

Eventide Island Zonai Wing Minigame Location

The Eventide Island Zonai Wing minigame is located on top of Koholit Rock, at map coordinates 4729, -3752, 0108.

The easiest way to get there is by fast traveling to the Marari-In Shrine, getting onto the pirate ship, and climbing up the crow’s nest nearest the cave entrance. Then, you can use Ascend to get to the hilltop.

Or, so you can travel to this Rupee farming spot faster, you can use the Travel Medallion!

TOTK Rupee Farm Ascend Location
Use Ascend here.

To start the minigame, you must speak to Branli and pay 20 Rupees per try.

Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to earn way more than the entry fee every run using a simple trick. In fact, we believe it is the fastest way to earn Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom!

Zonai Wing Mini Game 20 Rupee Entrance Fee

How to Cheat in the Eventide Island Zonai Wing Minigame & Land in the Middle Circle Every Time

You can use the Recall ability to cheat in the Zonai Wing minigame on Eventide Island.

Fly slightly above the central circle and use Recall on the Zonai Wing. Then end the Recall, and the wing will drop straight down, as it has lost momentum. This will allow you to get into the central circle every time!

TOTK Zonai Wing Mini Game
  • Fly above the central circle on the target, close to the water.
  • Use Recall on the Zonai Wing once you are above the central circle on the target.
  • Quickly press L again to end the Recall so the Zonai Wing doesn’t travel backward.
    • This may take a few tries to get right as you need to get a feeling for it.
TOTK Zonai Wing Target Cheat Recall Ability
  • If done correctly, you should land within the central circle every time and earn 100 Rupees per run!
    • This trick also gives you a good chance of getting the jackpot prize of 300 Rupees for landing right in the center!
TOTK Zonai Wing Mini Game Rupee Farm
  • As soon as you finish your run, you will be awarded your Rupees and can repeat the process.
  • When using this trick, you’re almost guaranteed to earn 100 Rupees per try, which means you are making at least 80 Rupees every 90 seconds.
    • This isn’t even including the possibility of getting the 300 Rupee jackpot!
Silver Rupee TOTK Zonai Glider Minigame

Now that you know the fastest way to earn Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll be able to buy anything in the game with just a small amount of time farming!

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