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How to Use Zonai Wing in Zelda: TOTK

Take to the skies, but don't be an Icarus.

Link’s newest adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom takes players to the skies, where one of the most valuable tools is the Zonai Wing.

These large plane-like items allow players to glide through the world of Hyrule. Wings can function similarly to a small jet if outfitted with Zonai devices.

But to make the most of them, TOTK players must know how to control them and use Fuse to bring out the best of the Zonai Wing device.

How to Use Wing Glider in Tears of the Kingdom

To use the Zonai Wing device in TOTK to glide through the skies of Hyrule, players will need to use one of the following methods to take off from the ground:

  • Find a Wing Ramp and place your Zonai Wing on the tilted platform. Jump on the glider as it obtains momentum and before leaving the platform.
Zonai Wing Ramp
  • Jump off a ledge with your Paraglider and use the item screen to use a Zonai Wing. It should spawn directly below you.
    • Aim your camera directly down.
    • Open up the Quick Drop menu.
    • Press “Drop” on the Zonai Wing.
    • Spawn the wing and quickly move forward to get right above it.
    • Put away the Paraglider to drop on top of the Wing and begin gliding.
Paraglider Zonai Wing
  • Attach a Zonai Fan to the Wing device and hit it.
    • This will start the fan, and you’ll slowly make your way over the edge and into the skies.
Zonai Wing Device Fan Launch
  • Use Ultrahand to place the Zonai Wing in the air and then switch to Recall to freeze it in place and give Link enough time to jump onto it.
Zonai Wing Recall Ability TOTK
Source: The Game Club

When the Zonai Wing is in the air, you’ll only have 1 minute and 15 seconds to use it before it disappears. You’ll know that it’s nearing its limits when it begins to blink with a green light.

After a few seconds of blinking green, the glider disappears, leaving Link freefalling. This could put you in a dangerous situation if you don’t prepare.

Thankfully, if you have unlocked the Paraglider, this won’t pose too much of a threat. Players can also use a Zonai Glider that’s landed in the water to remain afloat and conserve their stamina.

Once you’ve managed to get the Zonai Glider into the air, the next step you’ll need to worry about is steering the device.

How to Steer Zonai Wing

To steer the Zonai Wing in TOTK, you’ll need to remain in the center of the device to keep it leveled and move Link around to move it in different directions.

  • Move Forward – Stay in the center of the Zonai Wing.
  • Turn Left – Stand on the left wing.
  • Turn Right – Stand on the right wing.
  • Dive Straight Down – Stand at the tip of the Zonai Wing.
  • Ascend – Stand on the tail of the Zonai Wing.

The movement is basically guided by using Link as a balancing weight. His weight will cause the Zonai Wing to tilt in that direction.

Zonai Wing Device

The further you move toward one direction, the larger the tilt and the faster the wing glider will turn. But it is possible to move too close to the edge of the Wing and cause it to tilt over and drop Link completely.

Use this information to properly navigate the skies and use the Wing device to its full potential.

Where to Find Wing Device

Players can find Zonai Wings on Zonai Wing ramps waiting for takeoff or from the Zonai Device Dispensers found all over the Sky Islands.

When you find a Device Dispenser, you’ll need to offer Zonai Charges and Construct materials to roll for different Zonai Devices.

Device Dispenser TOTK

These devices function similarly to gacha machines, so you’ll need to test your luck and roll to grab yourself a Zonai Wing from them.

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