Eventide Island is far off the southeast coast of Necluda in Tears of the Kingdom, and reaching it is almost impossible. Luckily, we know the easiest way to get there!

Zelda fans may recognize Eventide Island from Breath of the Wild, but not for a good reason. It was the setting of one of the hardest shrines in BOTW, where you had to clear out the island with none of your gear!

While it isn’t as challenging in the sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, it is still certainly worth visiting. Not only is it home to a great side quest but there’s a Zonai Wing minigame there too!

How to Reach Eventide Island in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To reach Eventide Island in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you must head to Cape Kales in the southeast of Necluda.

Then, from the edge of the cliff, you need to use a Zonai Wing device to fly across the sea all the way to Eventide Island.

  • Head to Cape Kales.
TOTK Eventide Island Map
Cape Kales to Eventide Island.
  • Once you have reached Cape Kales, head to the edge of the cliff, where you will see a Korok.
    • If you want, you can take this Korok with you to Eventide Island, as its friend is there.
Cape Kales Korok TOTK
  • Get out your Zonai Wing and get ready to fly.
    • Using Ultrahand, lift it up, forwards, back, and then down to the ground again.
    • Jump on top of the Zonai Wing.
    • Then use Recall while you’re standing on it and stop it while it is in the air.
    • This will get you to fly.

For more details on this process, read our guide on how to use the Zonai Wing in TOTK.

TOTK Zonai Wing Cape Kales
  • Now you are in flight, steer the Zonai Wing all the way to Eventide Island.
  • You will want to land on the northwest beach, as that is where you’ll find a side quest.

So you don’t have to repeat this process, you can unlock a Shrine there, allowing you to fast travel to Eventide Island. However, to do this, you must complete a side quest first.

Zonai Wing fly to Eventide Island TOTK

How to Unlock Eventide Island Marari-in Shrine for Fast Travel

To unlock the Marari-in Shrine, which allows you to fast travel to Eventide Island, you must finish the side quest Seeking the Pirate Hideout.

This requires clearing out 3 monster strongholds on the island. Then, you must head into a cave below Koholit Rock and defeat the monsters there!

TOTK Seeking the Pirate Hideout Sesami
  • Speak to Sesami on the northwest coast of Eventide Island to start the quest.
  • You will then need to clear out three monster strongholds located at:
    • Toronbo Beach North
    • Toronbo Beach South
    • Koholit Rock
Eventide Island Monster Stronghold Locations
  • The Toronbo Beach North stronghold is pretty simple, but requires you to climb up to the top of a tower.
  • The Toronbo Beach South stronghold is a little trickier as it has a Moblin and a large spiked ball trap that the Bokoblins will release down a hill at you.
Toronbo Beach South Stronghold
  • The Koholit Rock stronghold is the final one you’ll want to tackle, as it is the most difficult.
    • If you are struggling, climb up the hill overlooking the camp and pick off the enemies with your bow.
TOTK Eventide Island Koholit Rock Stronghold
  • Once you have cleared all three strongholds, head back to Sesami, and he will tell you about some pirates in a nearby cave.
  • Head back to Koholit Rock and use your paraglider to glide off of the island and into the cave below.
    • This cave is located directly below Koholit Rock, and its entrance is right in the southeast of the island.
Glide into Pirate Cave Eventide Island TOTK
  • Defeat the Bokoblins in the cave, including the Boss Bokoblin, and you’ll be able to see a shrine at the back of the cave.
    • You can pick them all off from on top of the skull if you have enough arrows. Although, you might want to use the Fuse ability to make some flaming or explosive arrows to take down the boss!
TOTK Eventide Island Pirate Cave Bokoblins
  • Use Ultrahand to make a wooden bridge to the Marari-in Shrine and activate it so you can fast travel to the island.
    • The challenge of this shrine was the side quest so you can simply claim a Light of Blessing inside.
Marari-in Shrine TOTK
  • Finally, you can return to Sesami to complete the side quest Seeking the Pirate Hideout.

Now you’ve finished Seeking the Pirate Hideout, you’ll be able fast travel back to Eventide Island whenever you want!

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