Infinity Ward – the developer behind MW2 – has revealed a number of new changes coming to Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer including improved enemy visibility and audio.

Modern Warfare 2 is right around the corner and many are gearing up to play the much-anticipated multiplayer mode.

However, many fans thought that the MW2 Beta that launched back in September was lacking in some areas. They even felt that Infinity Ward was ignoring fans by not fixing these issues.

Fortunately, it seems like Infinity Ward was listening after all. It has begun implementing some well-received changes to the game.

MW2 Soap and a squad of Task Force 141 soldiers

Is Enemy Visibility Improved in MW2?

Infinity Ward has improved enemy visibility by adding diamond-shaped icons above enemy players’ heads to make them more obvious in-game.

The developer has also made major changes to overall visibility in MW2 online matchmaking by tweaking general lighting and contrast.

In a Modern Warfare 2 Community Launch Update post to their website, Infinity Ward laid out these various changes coming to the latest CoD game.

Many felt that it was too difficult to discern between a friendly and enemy operator during the MW2 Beta. So, the inclusion of a diamond-shaped icon will allow players to immediately determine who is a foe.

Fans have reacted positively to this change and have begun praising Infinity Ward for fixing these issues with both kind words and Sims-based memes.

Has Audio Improved in MW2?

Infinity Ward has also addressed the audio issues in Modern Warfare 2 and improved them with a number of fixes that fans have responded well to.

These fixes include shortening the overall range of footstep audio and greatly reducing the range of the activation sound that plays for the Dead Silence field upgrade.

This should hopefully ensure that enemies won’t be able to spot your footstep audio from greater distances. Of course, the same also applies to you.

The footstep audio of your teammates has also been decreased which should reduce any confusion. Overall, these fixes seem to build upon issues first spotted in the Beta.

soldiers wearing night-vision goggles on their helmets standing with guns outside of a building in MW2

Fans are still unhappy that Infinity Ward has not addressed the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the removal of an iconic CoD feature.

Of course, the best way to try out these new changes is by playing a game yourself. So hop into any of the many new modes in MW2 and see how these fixes impact the game.

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