Call of Duty fans are slamming developer Infinity Ward for ignoring their feedback on the recent MW2 Beta.

It used to be that a game’s Beta was a developer’s chance to get an upcoming release in the hands of the players, so they could provide their feedback on what needed changing before launch. These days, Betas seem closer to glorified demos, launching only a handful of weeks before a title’s release date.

One of the biggest offenders of this new demo/Beta hybrid system is Activision, which wheels out its annual trial as an incentive to get players to pre-order.

Buy your copy of the game in advance and you’re be able to play the Beta for longer and earlier than anyone else, the marketing boasts.

Now, COD fans are angry at Infinity Ward for ignoring a lot of their feedback after the conclusion of the largest Beta in Call of Duty history.

MW2 Soap and a squad of Task Force 141 soldiers

COD Fans Think Infinity Ward Is Ignoring Modern Warfare 2 Feedback

MW2 Beta players are unhappy with Infinity Ward’s response to the game’s recent trial, claiming that the developer is ignoring fan feedback.

“Why ask for feedback if you’re going to ignore the feedback you don’t like?” a popular post on the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit reads. This comes after the developer announced what changes would be coming to MW2 at launch.

Although IW promises to tweak visibility, footstep audio, and more, fans were upset to see the developer dismiss or neglect to mention several key issues.

For more information, here’s our list of the biggest issues with the MW2 Beta that players want fixing before launch.

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Soldiers

“The only feedback they gonna hear is the number of sales,” Reddit user Lee_3456 writes. “You don’t like their new game? Then cancel your pre-order and stop buying it.”

Recently, MW2 fans have started a petition to bring back red dots on the MW2 minimap. But it seems that the map is one feature that Infinity Ward is unwilling to touch.

Thankfully, one major piece of feedback that the developer is looking into is disbanding lobbies. And in fact, the team is already confirming that disbanding lobbies may soon stay together in MW2.

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