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MW2 Players Start Petition to Bring Back Red Dots on Game’s Minimap

The removal of red dots on Call of Duty MW2’s mini-map has caused an uproar in the community, so much so that people are creating petitions for the classic mini-map to return.

Many players have had their first experience with the upcoming COD thanks to the recent Modern Warfare 2 Beta weekends.

While many fans are holding onto their pre-orders, there are some concerns within the community. However, none are as apparent as the omission of red dots from the MW2 minimap.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Players Start Petition to Bring Back Red Dots on Mini-Map

A recent petition, created by user SLA. is asking for Infinity Ward to bring back red dots on the mini-map for the full release of Modern Warfare 2.

a soldier in a ghillie suit from MW2 crouched in tall grass with a sniper rifle

The petition, called “bring back red dots on the mini-map in Modern Warfare 2” has received over 3500 signatures at the time of writing, 70% of its current goal.

If you’re confused about the concerns that some players are having, you can check out our explanation of the mini-map red dot controversy in MW2.

“Red dots on the [mini-map] has been a feature loved by players since the start of the franchise and has allowed people to move around and fight each other freely.” – SLA.

Plenty of users are signing the petition. Some users are also sharing comments such as “This is an integral feature to the Call of Duty franchise”. This is just one reason why some players are hating the Modern Warfare 2 Beta. MW2 Red Dots on Mini-Map petition

Infinity Ward has been attempting to alleviate any concerns the community has. In a blog post on the Infinity Ward website, they say the lack of red dots was a “design reason”. For example, they didn’t want to punish players for shooting.

Infinity Ward also wants players to find the source of any gunshots, instead of “traveling directly to where the dot is on the mini-map”.

Players who want to participate can still sign the petition. It remains to be seen if Infinity Ward will directly change features before launch to address these concerns further.

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