If you need a break from adventuring in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK, here’s how to build a custom house and let Link relax for once!

One of the most hidden features in Tears of the Kingdom is the ability to buy land and build yourself a custom home. And we’re not talking about simply sticking some wood together with Ultrahand (though we suppose that might be possible too).

Those who know where to go can finally put together their dream home, complete with a custom layout, stables, farms and more! Here’s everything you need to know:

How to Buy a House in Zelda: TOTK

To purchase and build a custom house in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players must complete the Mattison’s Independence side quest in Tarrey Town.

This will re-open Hudson Construction and even give you a major discount on your first home!

Tarrey Town is located on an island in Lake Akkala to the east of Hyrule. Link can find it easily by launching from the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower and gliding southeast.

How to Get to Tarrey Town in Zelda TOTK

Here’s a full guide to the Mattison’s Independence Quest:

Mattison’s Independence Guide

  • First, head to Tarrey Town (Coordinates: 3936, 1589, 0129), in eastern Hyrule.
  • Talk to Hudson and Rhondson, the couple who run Hudson Construction.
  • This will start the Mattison’s Independence quest.
Mattison's Independence Quest Zelda TOTK
  • Then, talk to Hudson once more and he’ll mention that he’d like someone to spend time with Mattison.
  • Find Mattison and talk to her. She is often in her bedroom above Hudson Construction.
Where to Find Mattison Zelda TOTK
  • Follow Mattison when prompted and talk to her when she’s encountered two elder residents of Tarrey Town to begin her Gerudo Quiz.
  • Give the correct translation of ‘Granny’ in Gerudo: Vaba!
Granny in Gerudo Zelda TOTK
  • Next, Mattison will want to take a Railcar without being spotted by Hagie. You’ll need to make sure he can’t see her.
  • The easiest way is to simply throw a Puffshroom at Hagie and then talk to Mattison to get her to run past. Alternatively, there’s a plank of wood nearby that you can use to block his vision easily.
How to Block Hagie's Vision Zelda TOTK
  • Once Mattison has departed, talk to Hagie yourself and pay 20 Rupees for unlimited trips on the Railcar.
  • Climb aboard the Railcar, hit it to start it up, and travel to the Hudson Construction Site.
  • Talk to Mattison once more and you’ll now need to collect 10 Sundelions to dye the hot air balloon.
Mattison's Independence Sundelions
  • Give the Sundelions to Hudson and he’ll dye the balloon and take you up in it with his family.
  • After that, Mattison will embark on her travels to Gerudo Village where you can find her in the future if you wish. But more importantly, talking to Rhondson back at Hudson Construction reveals that homes are available to purchase once again!
Mattison's Independence Walkthrough Zelda TOTK
  • Talk to Rhondson and select ‘A Dream Home, Please’ to purchase your plot of land and 2 free rooms. The house will cost 1500 Rupees initially, after your half-price discount.
How to Build a House in Tears of the Kingdom
  • You’ll then need to head up the nearby hill (Coordinates: 4175, 1376, 0207) and talk to the Hudson Construction employee Grantéson to get building.
    • There’s also a fast travel point nearby to be unlocked, by activating Rasitakiwak Shrine. Make sure you claim it so you can return home easily!
Build Your Home in Zelda TOTK
  • Place down your two initial rooms inside the boundary provided and then talk to Grantéson to finish building your home!

How to Upgrade Your Home in Zelda: TOTK

Once built, Link can upgrade his home by purchasing additional rooms from Grantéson, the Hudson Construction employee.

How to Upgrade Your Home in Zelda TOTK

Simply talk to Grantéson at his stand and you’ll be able to buy and preview rooms that he has for sale.

Each one will cost a few hundred Rupees, and Link can only place down up to 15 rooms at a time – though it is possible to store additional purchases.

Build a Home in Tears of the Kingdom

Grantéson can be returned to at any time to change the layout of your custom house in Tears of the Kingdom.

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