Sundelions are one of the rarest ingredients in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK.

Thanks to the plants’ Gloom-dispelling properties, they’re one of the game’s best cooking ingredients, especially when visiting the Depths.

If you want to have any hope of taking on Tears of the Kingdom’s terrifying Gloom Hands, you’ll need a Sundelion or two.

And thankfully, there are at least a few guaranteed spawns that players can find for the potent medicinal flower.

Sundelion in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Where to Get Sundelions in Tears of the Kingdom

The best location to find Sundelions in Zelda: TOTK is on the South Eldin Sky Archipelago islands. By using the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower, you’ll be able to launch yourselves onto the area’s Sky Islands.

There, Sundelions appear to spawn every day, allowing you to cook up new recipes to heal from Gloom damage.

Where to Get Sundelions in Tears of the Kingdom

Another amazing location to farm Sundelions is the North Necluda Sky Archipelago, which you can easily reach from the Sahastra Slope Skyview Tower.

Sundelions are most commonly found on Sky Islands, but they’re not exclusive to the areas.

Best Place to Find Sundelions Tears of the Kingdom

In addition, players will be able to find the plants (albeit rarely) in locations such as Hyrule Fields and Gerudo Desert.

Another way to find Sundelions is in your battles against Yiga Clan members.

If you’re following the Yiga Clan questline that begins when you’re getting the Autobuild Purah Pad upgrade, you’ll sometimes find that the Yiga Clan members will drop Sundelions when defeated in combat.

Now that you have a guaranteed source of Sundelions, you’ll be able to get both the Sheik Armor and the Radiant Armor for a major discount!

Best Sundelion Recipes in Zelda TOTK

Here are a few quick and easy recipes that will get you making the most of your Sundelions in TOTK:

  • Sunny Salt-Grilled Prime Meat – Raw Prime Meat + Rock Salt + Sundelion (Restores 3 Hearts + Heals 3 Gloom Hearts)
  • Sunny Steamed Fruit – Apple x2 + Sundelion x2 (Restores 2 Hearts + Heals 6 Gloom Hearts)
  • Sunny Steamed Tomatoes – Hylian Tomato + Hyrule Herb + Hylian Shroom + Sundelion (Restores 5 Hearts + Heals 3 Gloom Hearts)
  • Sunny Veggie Porridge – Fresh Milk + Hylian Rice + Hyrule Herb + Sundelion (Restores 5 Hearts and Heals 3 Gloom Hearts)
Best Sundelion Cooking Recipes TOTK

Effectively, each Sundelion mixed into a recipe will lead to the dish restoring 3 additional Gloom Hearts.

However, do not cook the Sundelion with ingredients that have their own effects when cooked – or else you may end up canceling out the benefits!

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