Key Points
Completion Time:
10 - 15 Minutes
1 Light of Blessing
1 Mighty Construct Bow
Must Haves:
Cold and heat resistance food or gear

The Karahatag Shrine’s puzzle, Drifting Flame, has a simple solution and an easy chest with a Mighty Construct Bow as a reward waiting for you in TOTK.

Near this Shrine, an ongoing sandstorm affects your map and greatly limits visibility. Unluckily, this storm won’t stop until you complete the Regional Phenomena (temple) quest in this area.

But do not worry about the weather! In this guide, we will tell you how to get to the Karahatag Shrine in TOTK, even through the worst climate, and how to solve its Drifting Flame puzzle!

How to Solve Drifting Flame Puzzle in Karahatag Shrine

To solve the Drifting Flame puzzle in the Karahatag Shrine in TOTK, you have to unlock the first gate by lighting up the ceiling stone pillar on the left side of the room.

Once you enter the main area of the Shrine, you must ignite three stone pillars with the aid of a small portable pillar that holds a flame. You can use Recall and the button on the floor to achieve this.

First Puzzle Solution – Entrance Gate

  1. Grab the torch that is on the floor. Equip and swing it near the fire pillar on the right side by pressing the “Y” button.
  2. Once the torch is lit, press and hold the “R” button, and aim at the point of the ceiling stone pillar on the left side.
  3. Release the “R” button to throw the torch. This will light up the pillar and unlock the gate leading to this Shrine’s main area.
  4. Enter the next room and climb the ladder to start the next puzzle.
Karahatag Shrine Solution Torches TOTK

Drifting Flame Puzzle Solution – Karahatag Shrine Tears of the Kingdom

  1. On the far end of the room to the right, near the closed gate, you will see a lit-up portable stone pillar. Pick it up and position it below one of the three stone pillars attached to the ceiling.
    • Use the white marks on the floor as a guide on the approximate locations of where you should position the lit-up pillar.
Karahatag Shrine Drifting Flame Puzzle Solution TOTK
  1. Once you position this small pillar on the right spot, use Ultrahand on it and carefully raise it until it is close to the pillar on the ceiling. Keep it up for some seconds, and then cancel Ultrahand by pressing “B.”
    • If done right, the fire pillar should drop exactly to the same position where you lifted it from.
  2. Now, go to the button on the floor that is right in front of the ladder. Stand on the button and immediately activate Recall.
  3. Aim Recall to the fire pillar and let it rewind. Do not step away from the button on the floor!
    • If done right, the small fire pillar will go up, lighting up the one that emerges from the ceiling when the button is pressed.
    • You can refer to the image below for this process.
  4. Repeat this process for the remaining two pillars to unlock the gate that leads to the altar.

Get the Chest in the Karahatag Shrine

  1. Before entering the room with the altar, go to the corridor that is right of the newly opened gate. From this location, you should see a chest on the lower level below the floor button.
  2. Jump and use your Paraglider to get there. Opening the chest will award you with a Mighty Construct Bow.
  3. Use Ascend to return to the upper level.
  4. Finally, enter the room with the altar and activate it to get the Light of Blessing from the Karahatag Shrine in TOTK.
Karahatag Shrine Chest Location

Karahatag Shrine Location & Map

The Karahatag Shrine in TOTK is located in the Southern Oasis of the Gerudo Desert in the southwestern area of Hyrule. The exact coordinates to this location are -3726, -3625, 0043.

In addition, the Gerudo Canyon is the nearest Skyview Tower to this Shrine. Before going to this location, take enough Cold and Heat Resistance food or adequate equipment with you.

At night the desert gets chilly, and during the day, the heat is unbearable for Link!

Karahatag Shrine Location and Map TOTK

Getting here can be complicated due to a sandstorm that affects visibility and your map. Nonetheless, the harsh climate ceases once you have completed this area’s Regional Phenomena (temple) main quest.

You can still get to this location despite the sandstorm. However, you will depend entirely on the coordinates displayed in the screen’s lower right corner.

If you plan to go while the sandstorm is still active, mark the location on your map. Then, try to glide or walk in a straight line toward that point.

Once the map fails and you have no visuals, focus on the coordinates to get to the exact Karahatag Shrine’s location in TOTK.

Karahatag Shrine Coordinates TOTK
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