The New Zealand trick is one of the best benefits of being an Xbox player, but can it be used to access Starfield a day early?

Starfield is now only days away, and fans wonder exactly how early they can start exploring the universe.

With most Xbox releases, the New Zealand trick allows fans to change their console settings and play new releases the moment they drop in the country.

New Zealand Trick on Xbox

Due to time zone differences, any release that drops at a specific regional time (such as those with midnight launches) will be playable almost a full day early in New Zealand.

But will this work for Starfield?

Can You Play Starfield Early With New Zealand Trick?

No, the New Zealand trick will not work for Starfield, due to the game launching at a single global release time.

Therefore, Starfield will not unlock any earlier in New Zealand than it would anywhere else in the world.

Players that have pre-ordered Starfield on Xbox devices quickly noticed that the game displayed a countdown to September 1 at 12 AM GMT no matter where they are in the world.

And the good news for those in the US is that this means Starfield Early Access will be playable on August 31 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET!

Starfield Spaceship on Desert Planet

Here’s what time Starfield Early Access begins for your region.

Players can still get Early Access to Starfield, just not with the New Zealand trick.

Instead, by purchasing the Premium or Constellation Edition of the game, players can get up to 5 days of Early Access before the official September 6 launch.

It’s worth noting that Xbox is yet to confirm Starfield’s launch time officially. Should the current plans change, we’ll update this article with all the latest information.

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