The Great League Greatness Research in Pokemon GO gets players to choose between three teams of Pokemon to encounter as a reward for completing it, but which team is best – Skarmory, Trevenant, or Azumarill?

Every year at the Pokemon GO World Championships, there is a new Research that rewards players with some powerful Pokemon for battling. This year, Great League Greatness is the Timed Research that will give players who complete it a full Great League lineup!

However, after claiming this Research from a Twitch drop, players are given an important decision on which of the three Pokemon teams they want to get. Unfortunately, this is a very tough choice!

Great League Greatness Timed Research Pokemon Encounters

Players will encounter a team of three Pokemon throughout the Great League Greatness Timed Research in Pokemon GO based around Skarmory, Trevenant, or Azumarill. These are the three teams that players can choose from:

  • Choose Skarmory:
    • Skarmory
    • Vigoroth
    • Swampert
  • Choose Trevenant:
    • Trevenant
    • Noctowl
    • Lanturn
  • Choose Azumarill:
    • Azumarill
    • Umbreon
    • Mandibuzz

As all of these Pokemon are in the Great League Meta, it is tough to decide which one to choose!

Pokemon GO Twitch Research

Best Pokemon Team to Choose in Great League Greatness – Skarmory, Trevenant, or Azumarill

The best Pokemon team to choose in the Great League Greatness Research is whichever one contains the most Pokemon you don’t already have. However, if you already have all of the Pokemon, we would suggest the Skarmory team with Vigoroth and Swampert.

This is because there is a low chance of getting shiny Skarmory or shiny Swampert from this team.

While the other teams also contain powerful GO Battle League Pokemon, none of these other teams’ Pokemon can be shiny. That’s why the Skarmory team just gets the edge over the other two.

Skarmory Swampert Vigoroth Pokemon GO

No matter which team you choose to encounter in Great League Greatness, you will be getting your hands on three Pokemon that are ready for battle!

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