The 2023 Pokemon GO World Championships event has exclusive Research that can only be obtained by using a code from a Twitch drop. You won’t want to miss it!

When the Pokemon GO World Championships comes around every Summer, there is always a great Timed Research to pick up. And this year, they have doubled the amount of Research you can get from watching on Twitch.

Here’s how you can get Twitch drop codes for both of the new Timed Researches in the 2023 Pokemon GO World Championships!

2023 Pokemon GO World Championships

How to Get Pokemon GO Twitch Code Research in the 2023 World Championships Event

To get exclusive Pokemon GO Research during the 2023 World Championships, you must watch a livestream on the Pokemon GO Twitch channel for 30 minutes.

Watching Day 1 of the World Championships will give you a code for the Great League Greatness Timed Research, while watching Day 2 will give you a code for the DancingRob’s Champion Timed Research.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get and redeem the Twitch drop codes:

  • Head to the Pokemon GO Twitch channel to watch the live stream at the following times:
    • World Championships Day 1
      • New York: August 10 at 9 PM PDT
      • Los Angeles: August 10 at 5 PM PDT
      • London: August 11 at 1 AM BST
  • World Championships Day 2
    • New York: August 11 at 9 PM PDT
    • Los Angeles: August 11 at 5 PM PDT
    • London: August 12 at 1 AM BST
If you miss these streams, there will be rebroadcasts throughout the weekend.
  • Scroll down below the video to the ‘Pokemon GO Giveaway’ panel
  • Press the ‘Share Twitch ID’ button
Pokemon GO Giveaway Panel Twitch
  • Watch the stream for 30 minutes
    • Do not refresh, close, or minimize your stream, as this will pause or reset your timer
  • After you have watched for 30 minutes, you can press the Claim Reward button to get a code
Pokemon GO Twitch Giveaway

Once you’ve redeemed either of the Twitch drop codes, you can open Pokemon GO, and the Research will be there- ready for you to complete!

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