There’s a new Paid Special Research in Pokemon GO that gives players a Master Ball, but should you buy it?

While most Research in Pokemon GO is free, sometimes there are ones that can only be accessed if you purchase them from the in-game shop.

The Party Up event is celebrating the end of the Adventures Abound season of Pokemon GO and is adding plenty of content to the game. One of these is the new Special Research: Master Ball that is available to buy.

However, before you pay for this Special Research, you may want to know whether it is worth the price!

The Special Research: Master Ball is only available to purchase for Pokemon GO players who have not already earned a Master Ball from this season's Master Ball Timed Investigation.
Pokemon GO Could Finally Get Master Balls Soon

Should You Buy Special Research: Master Ball?

You should only buy the Special Research: Master Ball in Pokemon GO if you really want a Master Ball to catch the Galarian Legendary Birds, or plenty of XP to level up.

For $10 (or local currency equivalent), it seems expensive, especially considering that the only rewards for the Special Research are XP and a Master Ball.

While a Master Ball seems appealing, it isn’t really that useful in Pokemon GO. The only Pokemon worth catching using a Master Ball are the Galarian versions of Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos.

This is because they can only spawn from Daily Adventure Incense and are very likely to run away once you try to catch them!

Pokemon GO How to Catch Galarian Zapdos, Moltres & Articuno With Daily Adventure Incense

However, if you are tempted to purchase this Special Research, we have included all of the tasks and rewards below:

All Tasks & Rewards in Special Research: Master Ball

Step 1/3 Tasks

Catch 300 Pokemon6000 XPPokemon GO XP
Use 180 Berries to help catch Pokemon6000 XPPokemon GO XP
Catch 60 Pokemon in a single day6000 XPPokemon GO XP

Step 1 Completion Reward

  • 7500 XP

Step 2/3 Tasks

Catch 500 Pokemon6000 XPPokemon GO XP
Hatch 30 Eggs6000 XPPokemon GO XP
Make 100 Excellent Throws6000 XPPokemon GO XP

Step 2 Completion Reward

  • 7500 XP

Step 3/3 Tasks

Catch 150 Pokemon in Poke Balls6000 XPPokemon GO XP
Catch 150 Pokemon in Great Balls6000 XPPokemon GO XP
Catch 150 Pokemon in Ultra Balls6000 XPPokemon GO XP
Catch 150 different species of Pokemon6000 XPPokemon GO XP

Step 3 Completion Reward

  • 25,000 XP
  • 3000 Stardust
  • 1 Master Ball

Now that you’ve earned a Master Ball, you will want to use it on an ultra-rare Pokemon. We recommend saving it until you encounter one of the Galarian Legendary Birds, as they are the rarest and hardest-to-catch Pokemon in the game!

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