Pokemon GO is celebrating the end of the season with an exciting in-game event – it’s time to Party Up!

The Party Up event ends the Adventures Abound season of Pokemon GO by featuring everything that was added to the game since September 2023. This includes the brand-new Paldean Pokemon as well as the Party Play feature.

Here’s a full rundown of what the event includes:

Event Date & Time

The Pokemon GO Party Up event is taking place from 10 AM on November 22 until 8 PM on November 27, 2023.

  • Starts:
  • Ends:

Party Up Event Bonuses

The following bonuses will be active during the Party Up event:

  • Up to five Special Trades can be made every day
  • Two additional Candy for trading Pokemon
  • Trainers level 31 and up are guaranteed to receive Candy XL for trading Pokemon
  • 2x XP for winning Raid Battles.

Wild Pokemon Spawns

The following Pokemon will spawn in the wild more frequently during the Party Up event:

GothitaGothita Pokemon GOShiny Gothita Pokemon GO
SolosisSolosis Pokemon GOShiny Solosis Pokemon GO
MorelullMorelull Pokemon GOShiny Morelull Pokemon GO
SprigatitoSprigatito Pokemon GONot Available
FuecocoFuecoco Pokemon GONot Available
QuaxlyQuaxly Pokemon GONot Available
LechonkLechonk Pokemon GOShiny Lechonk Pokemon GO
NymbleNot Available
PawmiNot Available
SmolivSmoliv Pokemon GONot Available
TadbulbTadbulb pokemon GONot Available


The following Pokemon will be Raid bosses during Party Up:

1-StarHisuian Growlithe Pokemon GOShiny Hisuian Growlithe Pokemon GO
Nosepass1-StarNosepass Pokemon GOShiny Nosepass Pokemon GO
Dwebble1-StarDwebble Pokemon GOShiny Dwebble Pokemon GO
Klink1-StarKlink Pokemon GOShiny Klink Pokemon GO
Lechonk1-StarLechonk Pokemon GOShiny Lechonk Pokemon GO
Rhydon3-StarRhydon Pokemon GONot Available
From Raids
Pelipper3-StarPelipper Pokemon GONot Available
From Raids
Gardevoir3-StarGardevoir Pokemon GOShiny Gardevoir Pokemon GO
Mega Kangaskhan4-StarMega Kangaskhan Pokemon GOShiny Kangaskhan Pokemon GO
Terrakion5-StarTerrakion Pokemon GOShiny Terrakion Pokemon GO


Three new kinds of Research will be available to Pokemon GO players once the Party Up event begins:

  1. Party Play Timed Research
    • Rewards for this include encounters with Hisuain Growlithe and Wurmple wearing a party hat
  2. New Field Research Tasks
    • The reward encounters for these include the Paldean starter Pokemon and Pokemon that got shiny forms this season
  3. Special Research: Master Ball
    • This Research is available to purchase for all players who have not completed the seasonal Master Ball Timed Investigation and awards a Master Ball upon completion
Master Ball Pokemon GO

Also, during the Party Up event, there will be a Community Day. Make sure to tune in from 2 PM until 5 PM local time on November 25 for the Mareep Community Day Classic event!

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